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Good Friday has arrived once again and for many that means holiday time. Airports are packed with passengers waiting to fly off somewhere this year…..but many holidaymakers are travelling without suitcases. Yes! The new trend seems to be to travel without checking in luggage.

Most passengers are opting to travel like this and buy what they need at their destination. Why? Some worry that their luggage will not arrive at their destination and others just don’t want to pay to check in their bags or if they are overweight.

Some passengers even prefer to send their suitcase by courier to their destination. In fact, this trend has been on the rise since many low cost airlines brought in check in baggage fees.

Sending a suitcase is the same as sending a package and there are many door-to-door services which make this very practical. Your suitcase is picked up from your home and it is delivered to your destination. Some hotels even have an unpacking service and will hang all your clothes up in the wardrobe at your destination and the best thing is that there are no restrictions in terms of where you send to.

The travellers who are opting for this service include the disabled, elder or anyone who wants to travel without the bother of worrying about their things. Just imagine arriving at the airport without the hassle of luggage!! Perhaps frequent flyers will appreciate this the most.

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