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Be it for practicality reasons, or simply because they are fun, these items are peculiarities that are worth packing when you´re getting ready to leave for your next trip! Here is a list of 10 great things that the common traveller won´t be caught with:

1) Card Speaker

Especially when it comes to cheap flights, when you´re not allowed to take much of anything with you (as is always the case with Ryanair), this device is a must have for any music lover. This card-sized speaker can be connected to your device with a USB cable and fits perfectly in just about any wallet.

Where to get it: www.ahalife.com

2) Mutewatch

Its bold, it tells you the time, and best of all, it has a silent vibrating alarm! This gadget is not only ideal for those of you who like swipe screens, it is also a good way for sleepy heads to wake up on time before missing their flight.

Where to get it: www.mutewatch.com

3) Paper Shampoo

Yes, it has actually come to this! Dip them in water and presto, you have shampoo!

You won´t need to worry anymore about getting your shampoo bottle past customs. If these things ACTUALLY work, well that´s another matter altogether…

Paper Shampoo
Where to get it: www.spoonsisters.com

4) Gorillapod

These things are not only practical, they are also a great way to find that perfect shot, from any surface and angle!

Where to get it: http://joby.com/

5) Hypnostick

Fear of flying is no longer a reason to keep you from flying. Apparently, this funny named device, which is essentially an MP3 player playing pre-recorded tracks by a hypnotherapist, can put you in an airborne trance that makes you forget about any turbulence!

Where to get it: www.mymindworks.co.uk/

6) “Point it: Travellers Language Kit”

For all those moments when you want to say or ask something but you just can´t find the words…don´t take a dictionary, just point!

Where to get it: www.goodreads.com


7) Finger Sporks

Cutlery is one of those things you always think you´ll have at your disposal…but what happens when you don´t? Its always good to have a spoon and a fork at your finger tips!

Finger Sporks
Where to get it: www.thinkgeek.com

8) Mosquito Repelent Socks

Not only do they exist, but they are also very useful when you venture off to more tropical destinations.

Bug Socks
Where to get it: www.steppingout.co.uk

9) Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

It seems coffee is like Aloe Vera…its in everything! You can eat it, drink it, and now it can even be absorbed through your pores! This is a good one, especially for those tourists who have a hard time getting up early in the morning.

Where to get it: www.thinkgeek.com

10) Indestructible Travel Wine Glass

Handy and light. A great item for wine lovers to take along just about anywhere!

Where to get it: www.wineimbiber.com

What other great items have you come across that are not necessarily essentials but are fun to have?

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