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You’ve always seen the flooding green on Patrick’s day but never actually set foot in Ireland? Here are 5 ideas to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in your own city.

1. Throw a party

The Irish are well-known for being party people and everyone pictures them always drinking beer, but did you ever try their delicious food? Try making a boxty (a potato pancake rolled around a sweet or salty filling) or an original Irish stew. Or at least, try an Irish apple cider, such as Bulmers.

image by y J Wynia on flickr

2 Wear green and have a Guinness in an Irish pub

Originally, the colour associated with Saint Patrick was blue. It is said that Saint Patrick used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish and that the wearing of the “green” refereed to wearing the symbol of Christianity, the three-leaved plant.

image by cobalt123 on flickr

So put on a green t-shirt and go out and celebrate with a smooth, puffy beer. Find a real Irish and ask him or her to teach you the secrets of Guinness drinking.

3. Do a movie marathon

If you’re not so much into drinking, why not take advantage of St. Patrick to learn more about the complex and tragic history of Ireland? You could watch some Irish movies, such as The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Michael Collins or Angela’s Ashes.

image by K嘛 on flickr

4 Play some Gaelic football

Gaelic football (or Gah)  is played by teams of 15 on a rectangular grass pitch with H-shaped goals at each end. Similar to rugby, the objective is to score by kicking or striking the ball with the hand and getting it through the goals. The team with the highest score at the end of the match wins.

5. Listen to a jolly Irish playlist, like the one below.

Enjoy and like the Irish say, Slán! (Bye)

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