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We’ve just moved our headquarters offices to other parts of Barcelona: Zona Franca and Eixample (near the city centre). We no longer have the World Trade Center’s amazing views of the sea but our new offices emphasize community spaces while providing a flexible, casual workplace. Our work area is open and it allows us to interact with other colleagues and share ideas easily and quickly. We also balance the space with a series of enclosed conference rooms but have clear glass to allow views in.

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Turull Sorensen Architects and Costa Calsamiglia Architects have worked together to design our functional and open offices.

Charity donations

The furniture in the old offices of eDreams ODIGEO will be donated through the “Pont Solidari de Fundació Banc de Recursos“. In addition to our charity donations, our organization encourages recycling by helping vulnerable people whilst reducing waste at the same time through the act of reuse.

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