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Hello travellers! Today’s guest post was written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of SkyParkSecure who provide Manchester airport parking to keep your car safe no matter where you’re jetting off to this summer!

Taking a holiday for a much-needed break, an adventure, or a chance to explore and discover new experiences is one of the best times of the year for most travellers. Getting away from the stresses of everyday life and leaving all responsibilities at home has to be an advantage for everyone. It can also be a time for indulgence and letting loose however, and whether it be binging on alcohol and food or lying out too long in the sun; holidays can make you feel a tad unwell.

Here we look at ways to gain the most out of your trip by ensuring safety and remaining in tip-top condition to fully indulge into all aspects of your holiday.

1. Protect yourself from excessive sun exposure

image by jayRaz on flickr

Sun stroke and sun burn are common problems that burden holidaymakers and can potentially ruin the pleasure of your relaxing experience as well as posing you future health risks. To prevent either of these from happening it is vital to protect your skin from harsh rays using cream with a high protecting factor. Make sure you don’t miss any areas of the body and pay careful attention to the areas more prone to direct sunlight such as the nose and shoulders. Apply liberally and frequently especially after swimming to certify maximum protection.

If you’ve ever been victim to scalp burn you’ll know how unpleasant it is! Wear a hat to prevent your head from burning as this is the most common way of getting sunstroke and can often leave you feeling very unwell for a long period of time. Situate yourself in shaded areas, under a parasol or take yourself inside for lunch between midday hours when the sun is at its hottest.

Sun stroke can also be caused by dehydration, so it’s important to keep topped up with your bottled water!

2. Keep fit

image by Ed Yourdon on flickr

Although you may have gone away to rest and unwind, there are still ways in which you can stay active without getting in the way of your fun! A quick dip in the pool to cool down or a brisk walk down by the beach, are great ways to keep even the least energetic people moving. Water aerobics and family volley ball in the pool can be fun alternatives, and plenty of dancing during the evening will certainly boost your energy levels. Get your groove on whilst on the beach or head to your hotel’s gym to burn off those cocktail-induced calories!

The gruel of your pre-holiday diet may have left you hungry and ready to indulge completely into all types of cuisine on offer and whilst treating yourself to ice cream, delectable desserts and large portions of flavoursome dishes is obviously an important part of any holiday, too much of the wrong foods can sometimes leave you feeling ill. Try to keep your diet varied and include as much fresh produce as possible. This can usually prove easier to achieve when abroad as the variety of such things like fruit and fish are readily available from local markets or in the hotel’s fare if you’re lucky.

3. Drink moderately

image by The Vault DFW on flickr

Drinking alcohol is also a very common indulgence whilst on holiday. Consuming too many beverages during the day is the most dangerous however, as it not only increases the chance of potential accidents but it could also dehydrate you to dangerous levels. Drowsiness is also another effect alcohol can have, but having to hear the amazing holiday tales from your friends because you were too intoxicated to make it out can be a real waste of your vacation. If you do want to have a drink through the day, be sure to eat substantial foods and keep yourself hydrated with juice and water to avoid dehydration, inebriation and drowsiness.

4. Take with you a mini medical kit

Don’t forget to pack essential medication and a small first aid kit in case small injuries occur. Don’t forget Paracetamol for minor aches and pains and diarrhea pills for common stomach upsets caused by your change in environment and lifestyle. It is also advised that you take bug plugs and sprays to deter insects and ensure you don’t get bitten. Although insect bites may seem trivial, they can cause infection and severe discomfort; not to mention unsightly red lumps on your newly tanned skin!

Throw yourself into the deep end, make the most of every occasion and opportunity but remember accidents do happen so be careful and be prepared!

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