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Australia generates curiosity and seduces travellers in search of adventure. It’s distant, mysterious and inhabited by unknown creatures in the world.  When we mention surfing, kangaroos, koalas and large areas of incredible beauty, it’s obvious that this country is as much as fascinating as impressing!

The whole journey is a bit far away but it’s a destination that deserves a visit and never disappoints. You’re not sure you want to cross the planet to discover the secrets of the largest island in the world? Our 21 good reasons to go should finally convince you to visit Australia!

Without further ado, here are the 21 reasons to visit Australia.

1. Because see the sunset over the Ayers Rock (also known as Uluru) is an extraordinary experience …

uluru sunset
Source : Flickr (by Drew Douglas)

2. Because Australia has more kangaroos than people!

Source : Flickr (by alh1)

3. Because it’s the world capital of surfing (and surfing is cool).

Source : Flickr (by Richard Rydge)
Source : Flickr (by Richard Rydge)

4. Because the Great Ocean Road is the most scenic route in the world!

12 apostles
Source : Flickr (by sebastien panouille)

5. Because Australia has beaches that look they came straight out of a postcard…

Whitsundays – Source : Flickr (by Richard Rydge)

6. To discover the incredible marine life of the Great Barrier Reef!

great bareer reef
Source : Flickr (by Mads Bødker)

7. Because the barbecuing is a real way of living…

australian bbq
Source : Flickr (by Michael Coghlan)

8. For its delicious wines that make Dom Perignon jealous!

Source : Flickr (by Michael Dawes)
Source : Flickr (by Michael Dawes)

9. To discover the fascinating aboriginal culture.

aboriginal culture
Source : Flickr (by Steve Evans)

10. To enjoy the pool and sea together in Bondi Beach!

Piscine de Bondi
Piscine de Bondi – Source : Flickr (by Tim J Keegan)

11. To try the delights (and surprises) of the Australian cuisine!

Source : Flickr (by Janeen)

12. To explore the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, the oldest museum in the country!

national gallery victoria
Source : Flickr (by Daniel Weber)

13. To take a photo next to the Sydney Opera House!

sydney opera house
Source : Flickr (by motiqua)

15. For having fun in the theme parks of the Gold Coast!

movie world
Source : Flickr (by Herry Lawford)

16. Because many Australian animals are endemic.

Source : Flickr (by Daniela Parra)

17. To make a road trip in the Australian desert…

road trip desert australien
Source : Flickr (by Michael Theis)

18. To watch a game of Australian football… 

australian football
Source : Flickr (by JamesDPhotography)

19. To meet the friends of “Taz, the Tasmanian Devil” on their homeland.

tasmania devil
Source : Flickr (by Scott MacLeod Liddle)

20. Because the East Coast of Australia has 340 to 360 of sunny days per year!

byron bay
Source : Flickr (by Byron Bay )

21. To experience having your head upside down… and enjoy it!

down under
Source : Flickr (by TMAB2003)


There are many other reasons to go to Australia … And you what is yours?

2 responses to “21 Reasons To Visit Australia

  1. When we mention surfing, kangaroos, koalas and large areas of incredible beauty, it’s obvious that this country is as much as fascinating as impressing!!
    We were in Australia, it was our best trip! These reasons really best

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