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The biggest of Spain’s Canary Islands is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world – whether you’re looking for hikes, vibrant nightlife, marine animals, beaches and mountains, or even unappetising potato dishes that use the adjective ‘wrinkled’ there’s something for you here.

Here are 11 reasons why you need to visit Tenerife!

1 – The Beaches

a couple relax on a beach in tenerife spain
@visit_tenerife via Instagram

Yeah – and in Paris you should see the Eiffel Tower. The most obvious reasons to visit Tenerife are the golden/volcanic sands and warm crystal clear waters. Dig in.

2 – The Star Gazing

star gazing from mount teide tenerife
@tenerifemagazine via Instagram

Tenerife’s proximity to the equator and low light pollution levels make it the perfect place for dazzling starscapes no matter what time of the year. Teide National Park has been recognised by the Starlight Foundation as one of the premier star gazing sites on the planet.

3 – Carnival

a carnival participant in tenerife spain
@saraginger via Instagram

You’ll find the second most popular carnival party in the world (after Rio De Janeiro) every February in Tenerife’s capital city Santa Cruz. The cities are twinned partially for this reason.

4 – The Marine Life

a pilot whale in tenerife spain
@visit_tenerife via Instagram

With 21 marine mammal species swimming off the coast from bottlenosed dolphins to sperm whales to orcas you’ll be spoilt for choice with wildlife excursions.

5 – The Food

a plate of papas arrugadas in tenerife spain
@doritav via Instagram

With a fine assortment of traditional Spanish and Catalan specialties with a touch of African, French, and Arabian influences you’ll eat like royalty. A popular local dish is papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), a boiled potato dish with a spicy green pepper sauce.

6 – Year Round Sunshine

a set table with shining sun in tenerife spain
@polinapolisphoto via Instagram

With winter highs reaching into the 20’s and a maximum monthly average of 6 rainy days you’ll be sure to score some sunshine on your visit no matter what time of the year you book.

7 – Mount Teide

mount teide tenerife spain
@marijana_r via Instagram

This 3,718 meter tall volcano is Spain’s highest point and is the most visited national park in all of Europe with 3 million annual visitors.

8 – The Nightlife

drinks at tramp's in playa de las americas
@jack_hon3y via Instagram

Though not as chaotic as other Spanish island cousins Tenerife is still a great place to let go – Veronica’s Strip in the town of Playa de las Americas is a great place to start, and finish.

9 – Los Gigantes

los gigantes cliffs in tenerife spain
@nfrancisco90 via Instagram

One of the most stunning locations in Tenerife has postcard-like views with its mountain range backdrop that’ll do more than just pad your Instagram like count. The cliffs actually protect the town from winds and make it the best climate of all the resorts.

10 – The Diving

divers and a turtle in tenerife spain
@diving_tenerife_atlantis via Instagram

Year round snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities make Tenerife the Hawaii of Europe. Some of the amazing sea organisms you’ll see include trumpet fish, turtles, barracudas, parrot fish, and stingrays.

11 – The Masca Valley

a settlement in the masca valley tenerife spain
@travander.nl via Instagram

One of the most picturesque parts of the island and a great place for hiking is the Masca Valley. The Masca Walk involves a 4.5 kilometer descent through Masca Gorge and is one of the most spectacular sky-to-sea hikes in the world.

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