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Epitomised by its still-standing stunning world-class architecture, equalled with some of the finest renaissance art on the planet and arguably the world’s best cuisine, it’s a no brainer that Rome is one of Europe’s most visited destinations.

The echoes and remnants of the former Roman Empire are still sprawled across this city, including the famous Colosseum, that is today one of the Seven World Wonders; Rome is evidently steeped in history.

The Italian capital isn’t a place that you see in moderation, it’s a place you see in all its glory. After all, you must have heard of the saying ‘When in Rome’

The Colosseum

the colosseum in rome - italy

The Colosseum needs no introduction. A giant amphitheatre used during the Roman Empire for gladiatorial and wild animal fights, this mega structure is the postcard picture not only for Rome and Italy, but for the whole of Europe too.

When you walk around its perimeter all you can do is admire and be in awe, whilst inside gives you a glimpse of its architectural brilliance.

colosseum in rome _ italy

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colosseum is a must visit when you visit Rome.

Trevi Fountain

trevi fountain in rome - italy

Trevi Fountain is the most famous fountain in Europe an incredible popular attraction in Rome.

With a Roman Baroque design of sculptures of mythical figures and wild horses that centre the fountain make it a truly wonderful in design. Almost impeccable in it’s appearance without a scuff or a scrape, visiting the Trevi Fountain can actually be seen as giving back.

trevi fountain in rome _ italy

With many visitors throwing coins into its clear waters, it’s said that all the coins are donated to charity.

The Pantheon

pantheon in rome - italy

Endorsed by Michelangelo himself who claimed it was work by angels not humans, the Pantheon is a towering 2,000-year-old Roman temple. A work of art that has stood for so long, the name the Pantheon derives from Greek, meaning ‘temple for all gods’.

It is arguably the best-preserved historical building in the whole of Rome and was used by Emperors to make public appearances to remind the city of the power and wealth they could muster.

pantheon in rome - italy

The tomb of Raphael – one of Italy’s most famous architects – lies within the Pantheon.

pantheon rome - tomb of Raphael

The Capitol

the capitol in rome - italy

Located on the smallest of the Seven Hills of Rome, the Capitol you see today was designed by Michelangelo. Within Piazza del Campidoglio, today, it is the seat of the municipality of Rome with the Senatorial Palace beside it.

Statue Marco Aurelio at the Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy - shutterstock_589187324 - Copy

There is a bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius’ in the centre too.

St Peter’s Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica inside - in rome - italy

The largest church in the world and the most acclaimed build of Renaissance architecture, St Peter’s Basilica is Vatican City. It is said Saint Peter – one of the leaders of Jesus’s twelve apostles – is buried here that provides a large religious and cult significance to Catholics.

In addition, The Pope often attracts hundreds of thousands of worshippers and visitors here every year.

St Peter’s Basilica outside - in rome - italy 1Upon entering Vatican City, you won’t have to look twice to marvel in the wonders of the Basilica.

Spanish Steps

spanish steps in rome

The 130-odd steps that link the Piazza di Spagna and the Triniti de Monti church are the widest in Europe.

spanish steps at morning in rome - italyCommissioned by a Frenchman in the 17th century, today it a popular place to hang out. Beautifully and intricately designed with a series of curves, vistas and terraces the whole area is a delight to embrace.

Vatican Museums

Vatican Museum in rome - italy

Home to some of the world’s iconic masterpieces of art, the Vatican Museums located in Vatican City – officially the smallest country in the world – are just another sparkling set of jewels in the crown of Rome.

Ceiling of the Sistine chapel in the Vatican Museum - rome - italy
Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Works by Leonardo Da Vinci are housed here along with the Sistine Chapel that is undoubtedly is the star attraction.

Altare della Patria

Altare della Patria in rome - italy

Even though this is a very recent construction comparatively, the Alta della Patria is a truly remarkable structure. Victor Emmanuel was the first king of unified Italy and this building is dedicated to him.

It’s located within Piazza Venezia, it’s not the most famous of attractions; it’s certainly one of the most impressive.

Roman Forum

roman forum in italy

A sprawling set of ruins gives you a slight look back into what was the most important centre point of Rome as far events and politics were concerned. Despite there being many better-known landmarks in the Eternal City, it is here you’ll get a sense of more everyday life that once was. Celebrations, trials and tribulations all took place here.

Today, it gives you the layout of this imperative assembly once was, attracting millions of visitors per year.

view of the forum from the Palatine Hill in rome - italy
View of the Forum from the Palatine Hill

If you make you’re way up to Palatine Hill, you’ll be able to get the full scope of the forum. The view is perfect for a panoramic shot.

Remember, When in Rome…

rome illustration italy

Rome is full of life and the food for one is some of the best in the world!

Gorge on pizza, pasta, coffee and ice-cream; and don’t worry, it’s normal to put a bit of weight on.

Trastevere and Testaccio are intriguing neighbourhoods to eat and drink.

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