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The thought of going on holiday is always pleasant, but many of us dread a trip to the airport. And with good reason! No one enjoys long queues, waiting around for hours or tedious body scans.

We all hope our journey will run smoothly, but sometimes there is just  no way of escaping some of these typical airport nightmares:

1) Queues that seem to go on for kilometers! 

airport queues

2) Being asked to remove your shoes and realizing you’re wearing mismatched socks.

airport security

3) That moment when airport security asks you to open your hand luggage and you realize you’ve mistakenly packed in some prohibited items .

hand luggage

4) Walking through a metal detector and repeatedly setting off the alarm.

airport scans

5) That moment of panic when you suddenly can’t find your passport or boarding pass.


6) Realizing you’ve been assigned the worst seat on the plane.

boarding pass

7) Getting ambushed by travelers with incredibly large suitcases.

The 15 Worst Airport Nightmares

8) Having to pay restaurant prices for a tiny bottle of water and a really awful cup of coffee.

airport restaurants

9) Realizing that the airport has no WiFi!

airport wifi

10) Being told off by an airline crew member that your hand baggage exceeds the dimensions permitted.

hand baggage

11) Having to sit next to an annoying passenger.


airplane seats

12) Hearing a voice over the loudspeaker announce that your flight has been cancelled.

cancelled flights

13) When your flight is delayed and you fear you’ll miss your connecting flight.

connecting flight

14) Realizing your plane has landed at the wrong terminal and being unable to contact the person who is coming to pick you up.  

airport terminal

15) When you’re forced to keep your goodbyes short because you cannot leave the car parked for more than 3 minutes! 

3 minutes kiss and goodbye

One response to “The Worst Airport Nightmares

  1. Yep, airports and flying can be very stressful to say the least. I think delays has to be the worst nightmare though!

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