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world cup 2014 fans

The 2014 FIFA World Cup starts this coming Thursday, June 12 and ends Sunday, July 13.

The World Cup will kick off with Brazil battling Croatia at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo.

Out of the 32 total teams, Europe will be represented by 13 participating UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) countries: the United Kingdom, Croatia, Spain, Russia, Italy, Greece, France, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Germany, Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland. So our question is, out of these countries, which are the craziest about football? Now if you were to ask a Brit they would without a doubt say that they’re the biggest fans, but ask a Spaniard and they would say the same, so we knew we had to choose a different route to answer it…

So which country in Europe has the most dedicated fan base? At eDreams we analyzed our booking data for flights out of each of these 13 countries to Brazil during the World Cup to see where the most fans were coming from. The country with the highest increase in flight bookings to Brazil compared to the same time period last year was none other than the country who’s kicking off the first match against Brazil, Croatia.

The number two country with the most fans is the United Kingdom, with a 190% increase in bookings during the World Cup.

To see the rest of the ranking of the European countries with the most football fans visit our Brazil World Cup page which also has all the information you need including the match schedule, weather and how to get around Brazil (if you’re lucky enough to be going), more about the match venues and host cities, plus last minute ideas for where to stay if you still don’t have a hotel booked.

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