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Known worldwide as the most expensive country for expats on the planet, Hong Kong certainly has a stereotype. With a hectic city centre, skyscrapers everywhere and one of the financial hubs of the world, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking Hong Kong is just about the rat race.

But take a closer peek to Hong Kong and what you’ll find is one of Asia’s most adventurous destinations. With tons of islands, beaches, peaks, wildlife and abandoned places, Hong Kong has a wild side.

Whether you’re living in Hong Kong or just passing through and you want to experience something different you should definitely see Wild Hong Kong.

Sai Kung

sai kung - aerial view - in hong kong
Sai Kung Aerial View

Sai Kung is huge and is Hong Kong’s pristine location for hikes, lush green and beaches. With Sai Kung East Country Park and Sai Kung West Country Park having different options, we’d be here all day naming them all!

sai kung - tai long wan - in hong kong
Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the whole of Hong Kong. If you make it to Ham Tin Beach, you’ll understand why.

Sai Kung - sharps peak hong kong
Sharps Peak

Sharps Peak is the pointing green peak you’ll see as the backdrop to Ham Tin Beach and is known for its steep, ridge-side climb. If you’ve done all the nicer peaks there is to do in Hong Kong, try out Sharps Peak.

sai kung - sharps island - hong kong
Sharp Island

Sharp Island on the other hand is a small island with pretty beaches, coves, scenic hiking trails and a good place to go fishing and diving. Grass Island is a scenic island that is popular with campers, whilst Jin Island is a water sports haven.

The Maclehose Trail

Maclehose Trail - hong kong

One, if not, the major hiking trail in Hong Kong that even the National Geographic have raved about is the Maclehose Trail. Stretching over whopping eight country parks including Sai Kung, Tai Mo Shan and Lion Rock Country Park, totalling 100km of trail.

Maclehose Trail hong kongWith outstanding ridges, peaks, beaches, bush and views, the Maclehose Trail will give everything you want but only if you dedicated yourself to the trail first. It isn’t easy doing this and you’d have to be mad on hiking to get it done, but it’s Hong Kong’s epic trail that is known across the world.

Maclehose Trail in hong kong

The trail is cut up into ten stages, beginning from Pak Tam Chung and ending in Tuen Mun.

Tai Mo Shan Country Park

Tai Mo Shan Country Park - sunset - hong kong

Home to the highest peak in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan Country Park is in the New Territories. Tai Mo Shan Peak is at 957m and is accessible by hiking trail. Reaching the highest peak of any country is a great feeling and worth the sweeping views of inner Hong Kong.

Tai Mo Shan Country Park waterfall in hong kongOn the way to the Tai Mo Shan peak, visit Ng Tung Tai Waterfalls. If you’re going to pick, walk down the steps to the lower falls. If you’re crafty enough, jump in the refreshing water and climb up the mouth. Then you’ll have a middle and second waterfall enclosed in a cave environment all to yourself. Breathtaking!

Lion Rock Country Park

Lion Rock Country Park in hong kong

One of Hong Kong’s earliest established parks, Lion Rock Country Park is in the New Territories too. Lion’s Rock gets its name because of the shape of Lion Rock Hill that at some angles resembles a lion. It is a popular lookout point and is just shy of 500m high. It gives some of the best views of the New Territories.

Lion Rock Country Park in hong kong

If you’ve ever wandered around Kowloon City, you’ll always tend to refer back to the high hills that tower over it.

This is a prime example of how it feels to be in Hong Kong and to seek adventure, almost on every backdrop or distant view, there is something more natural awaiting exploration.

Sunset + Lantau Peaks

sunseat peak in hong kong
Sunset Peak

Hong Kong’s third and second highest peaks respectively; they are both doable within the same day. They are essentially next-door neighbours but if you’ve got the energy you can complete this in just over a half a day.
Sunset Peak overlooks Hong Kong International Airport whilst Lantau Peak overlooks Sunset Peak and the Tian Tan Buddha.

Tian Tan Buddha in hong kong
Tian Tan Buddha

Everyone goes to Victoria Peak but that’s just a small walk in comparison. Sunset and Lantau Peaks are the popular and wild peaks to experience in Hong Kong.

The Lantau Trail

lantau trail in hong kong

Stretching over 70km, including twelve stages from Mui Wo to Pui O, the Lantau Trail is arguably one Hong Kong’s premium hiking trails. To many you meet in Hong Kong who are travellers, you won’t hear many who have done it. It takes time and effort and most are avid hikers. If you are one of them then you’ll pass stunning views, pockets of beaches, lush forest, towering peaks and local villages.

Dragon’s Back

dragons back mountain in hong kong

Easily Hong Kong’s most popular day hike; Dragon’s Back gets its name from the shape of the hill like the scales on a dragon’s back. Although it won’t be the strenuous of hikes comparatively with other trails, Dragons Back is certainly worth the experience.

dragons back in hong kong

Look out the South China Sea and when you’re starting your descent, make it to Big Wave Beach. It is here it’s enclosed from the rest of the world with the surrounding green hills. Rent a surfboard and catch some waves then grab a beer!

Abandoned Hong Kong

ma wan abandoned village in hong kong

Hong Kong has a bucket-load of abandoned places to visit, waiting for your daring-self to explore. Hong Kong is home to the ‘haunted’ and if you know the right places you can venture into some eerie places.
One of the more accessible abandoned places is Ma Wan Village.

ma wan abandoned village _ in hong kong

A whole village abandoned and for you to roam around, it’s like a community just vanished without packing anything up. Take a good camera and take some snaps because this side of Hong Kong is unique.

Go with Wild Hong Kong

There is no better way than to experience what Hong Kong has to offer than with Wild Hong Kong. These guys offer some of the best wild experiences in the country with some mentioned above. These include trips to Lantau Peak, Dragons Back, Sai Kung and Tai Mo Shan Country Park.

Ready to go? Plan your Asia travels now!

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