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City breaks in Lagos: the lay of the land

Transformed by a tidal wave of oil money, Lagos's cultural scene has expanded astronomically in recent years. Named for the Portuguese word for 'lagoon', the port city and Nigerian capital offers up a plethora of unique experiences for international travellers.

Venture into emerald jungles inhabited by monkeys, learn about the history of the slave trade, listen to live music along with the locals, and shop for bright fabrics and perhaps a potion or two: there's much to lure you in Lagos.

Before booking flights to and hotels in Lagos

Flights to and hotels in Lagos are easily organised from the UK. Flights from Dublin to Lagos run regularly, as do flights from Cork. Once you arrive, package holidays in Lagos couldn't be more straightforward. There's no time difference between Lagos and the UK, so you won't have to worry about jetlag. Nigeria's currency, the naira, can be purchased at a favourable exchange rate. Transport links between the city and airport are reliable, with shuttle services running continually. Larger hotels offer private shuttle services. Otherwise, taxis are your best bet.

When is the best time for city breaks to Lagos?

Dry season runs from November to March, and since Nigeria receives five times the rainfall that London does, it's certainly better to visit in this period. Temperatures are also markedly lower during these months.

What is there to do on weekends in Lagos?

Rich with unique natural and cultural experiences, Lagos sets the scene for diverse and unforgettable package holidays. Experience Edenic nature at Lekki Conservation Centre, which offers private tours of the jungle. You'll traverse the canopy on rope bridges and spot monkeys on your way. Enjoy panoramas from 23 feet above. Alternatively, hike to the summit of Olumo Rock. Unearth the fascinating history of this outcrop, which was a place of refuge during tribal conflicts. Take a selfie from the top.

Learn about the slave trade in Lagos through artefacts at the fascinating Mobee Slave Relic Museum before visiting the Point of No Return on the other side of the lagoon. The Chief Seriki Abass Slave Museum and Brazilian Slave Barracoon, three hours from the city centre, make for an excellent day trip. You'll see the small rooms where hundreds of slaves were kept. On a lighter note, why not stop in at Freedom Park, where a former colonial prison has been transformed into a cultural centre. Live concerts and art museums are among the entertainment on offer.

What is there to see on weekends in Lagos?

Encounter the richness and diversity of Nigeria on your arrival in Lagos by checking out these top sights:

  • Explore the cycle of life at the National Museum's permanent collection, which contains remarkable artefacts such as Egungun masque costumes and clothing worn by local chieftains.
  • New Africa Shrine is the place to watch locals shake a leg to tFemi Kuti's legendary sounds on Thursdays and Sundays. Enjoy snacks, palm wine and smokes on the side.
  • Enjoy Nigerian artworks. One of Nigeria's most prominent artists, Nike Davies-Okundaye, runs the Nike Art Gallery. You might even be lucky enough to get a tour of the four-storey gallery space from Nike herself. Contemporary and traditional artists feature in its exhibitions.
  • Come face to face with the interior world of legendary artist Fela Kuti at the Kalakuta Republic Museum. The house was also a headquarters for revolutionaries and is preserved just as it would have been during the musician's lifetime.

Lagos lunches

Start your days with pancakes at Cactus, and return for pizzas in the afternoon. The scent of baking bread beckons patrons ar Indigo, an Indian restaurant serving subtly spiced meals from a traditional clay oven. Vegetarians will be spoilt for choice. Sherlaton, another favourite among vegetarians, serves healthy Indian cuisine at reasonable prices. Arts and crafts accompany the dishes at the Art Café, which serves coffee and delicious snacks. For traditional Nigerian cuisine, come to the Yellow Chilli. Dig into its generous portions of regional specialities from across the country, travelling without ever leaving your table.

Souvenirs of Lagos package holidays

Snap up the arts and crafts for sale at Quintessence, which also proffers carvings, artefacts and clothes. Its unusual, one-off garments are made on site – don't leave without one of the brightly coloured Senegalese dresses. Lekki Market is the place to discover bargain fabrics, crafts and clothes sourced from across Nigeria. At Jankara Market, you'll find everything from tie-dyed fabrics to bright beads and jewellery. You can even procure yourself a potion at this intriguing collection of craft stalls.