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What are the average savings like with Prime?

You save every time you book with Prime. The specific amount you save depends on the total cost of your booking. For example, if you pay between €150 and €299 with your Prime membership, you will save an average of €30 on your booking.

Price of flight Average Prime savings per flight
€0 - €149 €20
€150 - €299 €30
€300 - €499 €40
≥ €500 up to €90

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      Common Questions

      • Simply add Prime to your first purchase to start enjoying our best deals straight away.
      • You've got a full year of discounts as a Prime member, starting on the day of your first booking.
      • As a Prime member, you have unlimited opportunities to save, so the more you book, the better!
      • Yes! You can save up to 50% on every hotel reservation, just by being a Prime member.
      • Of course you can. You'll be the first to hear of all our best deals as a valued Prime customer. Check your inbox from time to time to see how you can save with us using our special discount codes.
      • You can share your Prime discounts and benefits with up to 9 of your friends and family, as long as you're travelling too! You'll see the total saving when you arrive at the payment page!
      • It doesn't matter where you make your booking, as long as you're logged into your Prime account - the prices you see will automatically include your Prime discount. results.
      • At the moment, Prime discounts only apply to flights and hotels. We're constantly working to improve the benefits our Prime members enjoy so watch this space!
      • Yes, you'll need to book a flight to be able to suscribe to Prime.
      • No! We'll take care of everything for you. Your subscription will automatically renew after 12 months, or after your free trial ends, using the same card you booked with.

        If you would rather not renew, you will need to cancel before the current subscription period, or free trial, ends.
      • While we would love you to stay, if you decide to cancel your subscription, it's very simple to do. Just go to “My Prime account” on the website or your Profile Profile in the app and follow the instructions.

        To avoid your Prime membership renewing automatically, you must cancel before your subscription (or free trial) period ends. Subscription will renew at €54.99/year if not terminated beforehand.

        Read our terms and conditions to find out more here.
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