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Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
CCS Caracas Airport Simon Bolivar International 1.0 3
BUF Buffalo Airport Buffalo Niagara Intl 1.0 3
BKO Bamako Airport Senou 1.0 3
BJV Bodrum Airport Milas 1.0 3
BGA Bucaramanga Airport Palo Negro 1.0 3
VGO Vigo Airport Vigo 1.0 2
TIV Tivat Airport Tivat 1.0 2
SIP Simferopol Airport Simferopol 1.0 2
SAN San Diego Airport Lindbergh International Airport 1.0 2
RZE Rzeszow Airport Jasionka 1.0 2
PDL Ponta Delgada Airport Nordela 1.0 2
NBO Nairobi Airport Jomo Kenyatta Internatonal 1.0 2
MVD Montevideo Airport Carrasco 1.0 2
LCG La Coruña Airport La Coruna 1.0 2
KUN Kaunas Airport Kaunas 1.0 2
KRR Krasnodar Airport Krasnodar 1.0 2
JRO Kilimanjaro Airport Kilimanjaro 1.0 2
FIH Kinshasa Airport N'Djili 1.0 2
CGK Jakarta Airport Soekarno Hatta International 1.0 2
CAI Cairo Airport Cairo International 1.0 2
YOW Ottawa Airport Ottawa International 1.0 1
VNS Varanasi Airport Babatpur 1.0 1
TLN Toulon Airport Hyeres 1.0 1
TGZ Tuxtla Gutierrez Airport Llano San Juan 1.0 1
SYX Sanya Airport Sanya 1.0 1
SKP Skopje Airport Skopje 1.0 1
SCV Suceava Airport Salcea 1.0 1
SAH Sanaa Airport Sanaa International 1.0 1
RGN Yangoon Airport Mingaladon 1.0 1
PPT Papeete Airport Intl Tahiti-Faaa 1.0 1
PMV Porlamar Airport Delcaribe Gen S 1.0 1
MID Merida Airport Rejon 1.0 1
MFE McAllen Airport Mc Allen Mission 1.0 1
LWO Lviv Airport Snilow 1.0 1
KWI Kuwait Airport Kuwait International 1.0 1
HOR Horta Airport Horta 1.0 1
GBE Gaborone Airport Gaborone 1.0 1
EZE Buenos Aires Airport Pistarini 1.0 1
EBU Saint Etienne Airport Saint Etienne 1.0 1
DAM Damascus Airport Damascus Intl 1.0 1
CUR Willemstad Curacao Island Airport Areopuerto Hato 1.0 1
CLT Charlotte Airport Charlotte/Douglas Intl Airport 1.0 1
CGH Sao Paulo Airport Congonhas 1.0 1
AVL Asheville Airport Asheville Regional Airport 1.0 1
ABJ Abidjan Airport Port Bouet 1.0 1
1  2  3  

Latest reviews of rail services at international airports

Brussels National Airport (Brussels) , 19/07/2014

Standard airport nothing special but their are certainly no bad comments to add. Would recommend and definitely use again. Maybe it was just me but I their where no English translations for the ticket machine. Understanding that I was in a French speaking country this was understandable however other stations in Belgium where able to provide me with the option of English. Also the machine only took notes. As expected I had to purchase a product from a store to receive change as nowhere exchanged notes for coins.

Kerry County Airport (County Kerry ) , 04/07/2014

3 hour delay, ¬5 given to us for food and then called to gate. Paid for food but couldn't wait to get it. It is a joke as usual. We had to get rid of our mineral waters and buy more when they checked our tickets.

Stansted Airport (London) , 27/06/2014

I have lost my flight at Stansted airport due to security checks and they didn't let me catch my flight because of unorganised staff and was a mess, even though I have lost my flight coz of the staff's fault I have had to buy a new ticket and now I would like to get a full refund.

Gatwick Airport (London) , 08/06/2014

Very easy to get to exits for meeting points, trains, etc

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