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Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
SIP Simferopol Airport Simferopol 1.0 2
SAN San Diego Airport Lindbergh International Airport 1.0 2
RZE Rzeszow Airport Jasionka 1.0 2
PDL Ponta Delgada Airport Nordela 1.0 2
NBO Nairobi Airport Jomo Kenyatta Internatonal 1.0 2
MVD Montevideo Airport Carrasco 1.0 2
LCG La Coruņa Airport La Coruna 1.0 2
KUN Kaunas Airport Kaunas 1.0 2
KRR Krasnodar Airport Krasnodar 1.0 2
JRO Kilimanjaro Airport Kilimanjaro 1.0 2
FIH Kinshasa Airport N'Djili 1.0 2
CGK Jakarta Airport Soekarno Hatta International 1.0 2
CAI Cairo Airport Cairo International 1.0 2
YOW Ottawa Airport Ottawa International 1.0 1
VNS Varanasi Airport Babatpur 1.0 1
TLN Toulon Airport Hyeres 1.0 1
TGZ Tuxtla Gutierrez Airport Llano San Juan 1.0 1
SYX Sanya Airport Sanya 1.0 1
SKP Skopje Airport Skopje 1.0 1
SCV Suceava Airport Salcea 1.0 1
SAH Sanaa Airport Sanaa International 1.0 1
RGN Yangoon Airport Mingaladon 1.0 1
PPT Papeete Airport Intl Tahiti-Faaa 1.0 1
PMV Porlamar Airport Delcaribe Gen S 1.0 1
MID Merida Airport Rejon 1.0 1
MFE McAllen Airport Mc Allen Mission 1.0 1
LWO Lvov Airport Snilow 1.0 1
KWI Kuwait Airport Kuwait International 1.0 1
HOR Horta Airport Horta 1.0 1
GBE Gaborone Airport Gaborone 1.0 1
EZE Buenos Aires Airport Pistarini 1.0 1
EBU Saint Etienne Airport Saint Etienne 1.0 1
DAM Damascus Airport Damascus Intl 1.0 1
CUR Willemstad Curacao Island Airport Areopuerto Hato 1.0 1
CLT Charlotte Airport Charlotte/Douglas Intl Airport 1.0 1
CGH Sao Paulo Airport Congonhas 1.0 1
AVL Asheville Airport Asheville Regional Airport 1.0 1
ABJ Abidjan Airport Port Bouet 1.0 1
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Latest reviews of rail services at international airports

Dublin Airport (Dublin) , 26/02/2014

I cannot understand why we were charged 265.44 euro for our 3 tickets when we were quoted 161.85 I am aware that one of our passengers paid 30.euro for 1 bag. could you please explain the reason for this.? The overall service was excellent on both sides Dublin/ East Midland, however I do not understand why we were charged more then we should.. Your sincerely Elizabeth Smith

Dublin Airport (Dublin) , 26/02/2014

Very confusing Layout and not enough Staff to Direct you wasn't impressed when a representative told me England that way when I asked how to operate the electronic ticket machine

Barajas Airport (Madrid) , 23/02/2014

Absolutely furious at eDreams and Air France. You sold me a return ticket without luggage, while on the flight out 1 piece of luggage was included. I don't care if it was somewhere in the fine print, this makes absolutely NO SENSE. Further more, some people did not pay the 30 euros luggage surcharge because they said they would take it as carry-on. Yet when they arrived at the gate, their luggage was placed in the cargo at NO EXTRA COST !!! I will keep this trick in mind for next time !

Heathrow Airport (London) , 09/01/2014

A real disaster . On my way to Spain, Iberia changed my flight ticket that I bought in September without notifying to me. When I bought the ticket they asked my phone number, email and address, but they were not able to notifying this change. Obviously the have sold more seats than they could, and had overbooking. This change affected and I was unable to do the checking online. I didn't arrived on time and I missed the person waiting for me on my arrival.

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