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Today we wanted to share with you a fabulous list of places to see and things to do in the famous fashion capital of Milan!

In addition to visiting the Duomo and going on a shopping spree, there are plenty of hidden corners to discover and a wide variety of cultural activities to do…

Follow us around Milan as we discover the most unexpected and memorable sites that the city has to offer… Here are 25 great things you can do in Milan!

See Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” located in the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Don’t forget to book your visit in advance!

davinci last supper painting in milan - italy

Discover the romantic district of Navigli, a spectacular and lively location best visited at night.

Navigli district in milan - italy

Before stopping for dinner, go for a walk along the canals and admire the reflection of the houses on the water.

When walking around Navigli, stop to visit Vicolo dei Lavandai, a charming little street where the women of Milan used to go to wash their clothes up until the 1950’s.

Vicolo dei Lavandai in milan - italy

You cannot leave Milan without seeing the Duomo, the city’s imposing cathedral. The view from the roof is quite spectacular!

milan duomo cathedral - italy

Happy hour is a true Milanese tradition. Young locals use it as an excuse to meet up after work and eat together. Don’t be afraid to imitate them!

happy hour in milan - italy

Stop and admire the beautiful columns in front of the Basilica di San Lorenzo.

columns in front of the Basilica di San Lorenzo in milan - italy

Go for a walk in Porta Garibaldi, a spectacular district filled with skyscrapers and futuristic structures.

district porta Garibaldi in milan - italy

Spend a couple of hours at the Pinacoteca di Brera, the main public gallery of Milan where you can see remarkable works of art and famous Italian paintings such as “The Kiss” by Francesco Hayez.

Brera Art Gallery in milan - italy


Go shopping at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping malls in the world.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in milan - italy

This Milanese Galleria is a beautiful space where many locals like to spend their free time – it’s a great place for eating, drinking, shopping or just handing out.  

Have a cappuccino at a café near Piazza Mercanti, an important square in the centre of Milan.

Piazza Mercanti in milan - italy

Even if you’re not a fan of Inter Milan, if you love football, a tour around the San Siro Stadium can be quite spectacular.

san siro stadium in milan - italy

You must try a slice of Panettone, a typical Milanese dessert.

Panettone desser in milan - italy

Although more popular at Christmas, at Pasticceria Marchesi they serve it all year round.

Relax and enjoy a picnic near the Arch of Peace in the Sempione Park.

Arch of Peace in milan - italy

Visit the Sacred Heart University built within the walls of the St. Ambrose Abbey. While there, go for a walk around the Giardino delle Vergini.

Sacred Heart University in milan - italy

Saturdays and Sundays are for wondering around the stalls of the Fiera di Senigallia, a popular flea market where you can find all sorts of trinkets.

Fiera di Senigallia flea market in milan - italy

Visit the Church of San Satiro. Notice how the painting behind the altar makes the space seem bigger than it actually is.

Church of San Satiro in milan - italy


Watch the famous film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the Cinema Mexico.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Source: @komundo1488 via Instagram

Go for a walk around the Monumental Cemetery.

Monumental cemetery in Milan - Italy

Because of its high number of artistic tombs,  locals often call it an “open air museum”.

Enjoy innovative exhibitions, and participate in conferences and art events at Triennale, Milan’s contemporary art museum.

Triennale - Milan’s contemporary art museum in italy

Elegance, extravagance and luxuary – stroll down Via Monte Napoleone if you wish to see some of the city’s most fashionable high-end boutiques and stores.

Via Monte Napoleone in milan - italy

Try the famous “Schnitzel“, a popular traditional dish that can be found in both the Milanese and Viennese cuisines.

Schnitzel popular italian dish in milan - italy

Head over to Piazza Affari, a beautiful square that also happens to be the headquarters of the Milan stock exchange.

Cattelan’s famous sculpture - The Middle Finger - in piazza affari - milan - italy

Here you will also find Cattelan’s famous sculpture “The Middle Finger“.

If you travel in April, don’t miss the “Milan Design Week” – 7 days of extravagant events, most of which are free. Don’t miss them!

milan design week - italy

Organize a party on one of Milan’s orange emblematic trams!

Milans orange emblematic trams - italy

If you have time, plan a day trip to Lake Como. You will not be disappointed!

lake colmo in milan - italy

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