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There are plenty of beaches in the world that are attractive for exactly the same reasons: crystal clear waters, white sands, and infinite beauty. However, there are also beaches whose appeal is not the place itself, but the unusual animals that can be found in them.

Can you imagine having a swim with pigs, flamingos or even penguins?

Those are some of the unusual experiences that can be done on the following beaches. Let’s see them…

Pig Beach: Bahamas
Pig Beach - Bahamas

Nobody knows exactly how the pigs got to this remote island, but we can easily understand why they decided to stay: good temperature, clear water and good company…. Who can blame them?

The Pig Island is located in Exuma, the Bahamas archipelago. There are about 20 wild pigs and piglets that love the beach and to swim. They also like to be caressed, fed, and entertained by the curious tourists!

Pig Beach in Bahamas

Flamingo Beach: Aruba

Flamingo beach in Aruba

About 300 meters from the coast of the Aruba Island, we can visit an island inhabited by beautiful flamingos. The small Renaissance Island in Aruba is a big tourist attraction in the area because it offers the chance to sunbathe and spend a day at the beach in the company of these peculiar birds.

Did you know that these flamingos feel relaxed and comfortable next to humans and even ask for food?! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors and clients of the hotels in this island.

Flamingo Beach - Aruba
Foto de Bevis ChinBevis vía Flickr

Akumal Beach: Mexico

Turtle in Akumal beach - Mexico

The coast of Mexico is the chosen spot by many sea turtles as the perfect place to lay their eggs. Turtles are able to travel thousands of miles to make their nest year after year literally in the same place. Fortunately, the bay of Akumal on the Riviera Maya of Mexico is one of those places..

At this beach you can swim with these prehistoric creatures, but there’s a simple rule: you must keep a minimum distance of 3 meters. Don’t forget that you’re in their home and they shouldn’t get stressed.

If you’re lucky… Maybe you’ll see some of the little turtle champions in their adventure back to the ocean!
Little turtle in Akumal beach - Mexico

Boulders Beach: South Africa

Penguin in Boulders Beach - South Africa

Penguins are funny animals… And, sometimes their movements and behaviors make us feel more easily connected to these little animals, right?

At the Boulders Beach, 42 km away from Cape Town in South Africa, there is a colony of African penguins that live in freedom and truly enjoy the water and rocks of this place. If you visit this beach, you’ll most likely be able to watch these animals closely.

Penguins in Boulders Beach - South Africa

Assateague Island: USA

Ponies in Assateague Island

In the national park of the Assateague Island in Maryland, there are 300 wild horses that live peacefully. Here the ponies live like kings: eating whenever they want and walking with the family.

As in the case of pigs in the Bahamas, the reason for the arrival of these animals on the island is unknown, it’s said that it may be due to the wreck of a ship that transported them or that they were property of the settlers who conquered the island.

Whatever happened, the ponies now live here happily and completely adapted to the habitat.

Ponies in Assateague Island - Maryland
Foto de judithsweet vía wikipedia

Monkey Beach: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Monkey Beach in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

This is an attractive beach by itself, and it sums up points due to its unusual animals: monkeys.

On this beach, lives a colony of monkeys that will entertain you with their games and yes, watch out for the food and the bright objects, they have very long arms and are very fast!

Monkey Beach is located among the cliffs of the Phi Phi Island in Thailand, where you can meet the friendly monkeys or if you’re afraid, just watch them from the boat and not go into the beach. Start planning your trip now! 

Monkey in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Do you know other beaches similar to these ones with unusual animals? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It is certainly adorable to know that not only humans enjoy these tourist spots. It says a lot about the place itself too, that is the environment is also suitable for animals as well.

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