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Would you like to visit Ancona? Today, come and discover this small Italian jewel, county seat of the Marche, that faces the sea.

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The delicious Olive Ascolane

Olive Ascolane are made in the province of Ascoli Piceno, in the Marche region. They are fried and stuffed with meat. Typical of the Marche region’s history, they spread throughout the Italian territory.

Olive Ascolane

The Olive Ascolane are normally served as an appetizer and accompanied by a good wine, also typical of the region.The historical origin of this dish is around the 19th century, thanks to the chefs, who worked for rich families. It became a very well known plate, loved by many important people in Italian history, such as Giuseppe Garibaldi, He was an Italian general which played a vital role in the unification of Italy.

Discover the Ancona hills

One way to admire the sunset over the sea is to go to the hills of Ancona, they are a great spot to relax after a busy day or have a romantic date in the many bars and restaurants with terraces, from which you can see the port and the Cathedral of Ancona. For example, the Posa bar gives you the opportunity to have a quick aperitif or to eat a tasty piece of grilled meat.

Ancona Hills

Wine lovers can stop at one of the many wineries in the area. You will have the opportunity to taste the wines Sangiovese and Montepulciano, typical of this region.

White beaches on the slopes of Mount Conero

Ancona is famous for its white beaches at the base of Mount Conero.

The town of Numana is located just 20 km from the city and It has one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the region: the Spiaggia dei Frati. The bay is a real paradise, the green of the flora blends with the white of the rock that characterizes this place.

The seaside is made up of fine sand, the sea goes down immediately, making it a great spot for snorkeling. The beach is free, but there is also the possibility to rent sunbeds and deckchairs in the near bath facilities.

Spiaggia dei Frati

For hiking lovers, you can visit the Conero Regional Park, a protected nature reserve, characterized by woods, cliffs, pristine beaches, and trails.

Eat pasta with moscioli

The wild mosciolo of Portonovo (mosciolo selvatico di Portonovo) is a type of wild mussel that lives in the sea of Ancona. One of the best ways to enjoy this unique product of the Marche region is to eat it fresh. There are various ways to prepare it but, as is often recommended, the best way is to make a sauce for pasta.

I Moscioli

There are many restaurants that prepare the moscioli, for example you can try them at the Ristorante Emilia in Portonovo, a restaurant with superb views of the sea and a good wine selection.

Since 2004 the mosciolo has been included among the “presidi slow food” by the Slow Food Foundation, in order to preserve and enhance it. In fact, the fishing of the mosciolo takes place in a controlled way, from April to October, to preserve the marine equilibrium.

Sunrise and sunset over the sea and the Cathedral of San Ciriaco

The name of the city of Ancona derives from the ancient Greek Ankon which means elbow. This particular geographical conformation allows Ancona to enjoy both sunset and sunrise over the sea.

The Duomo of Ancona, completed in 1017, is a medieval church that blends Roman and Byzantine styles into itself. It stands on the top of the Guasco hill – where once stood a mighty Greek acropolis – founded by the Dorians of Syracuse, one of the ethnic groups of ancient Greece. For this reason, inside the cathedral it is possible to admire the base of a Doric temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite. Thanks to its position it dominates the whole city and the gulf below, giving visitors one of the best panoramic views.

Duomo di Ancona

Activities suitable for everyone

During the summer months Ancona organizes many events, suitable for all ages. The old port is the beating heart of the local nightlife, where you can spend pleasant evenings in many clubs or attend concerts organized by the city during the months of July and August.

Another part of the city’s nightlife takes place in Piazza del Plebiscito, known also as Piazza del Papa, where you can sip a drink until late at night.

Ancona not only offers nightlife, but it is also a rich city of art and has many museums such as the National Archaeological Museum, which hosts finds ranging from the Paleolithic to the Roman age, the Diocesan Museum and the City Museum. Furthermore, Ancona boasts numerous archaeological sites such as, for example, the Trajan Arch built by Emperor Trajan in the 1st century, located on the dock in the port of Ancona.

Porto di Ancona e arco traiano
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