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At eDreams we love partnering with travel bloggers: it’s a way to connect with travellers around the world and bring value for their travel plans and when booking their holidays. 

The bloggers we collaborate with are genuine users and passionate about our products. They’re authentic storytellers that create the highest quality content to showcase our brand values and products. For example we worked with a few of them, to create blog articles, showing users how to make the most out of eDreams Prime, biggest travel subscription programme in the world. Let’s take a look at what they’ve written so far.

  • Finding Alexx 

Alexx is a Neo Zealander solo traveller who loves sharing her travel adventures around the world on her blog. In her post about eDreams Prime she showcases how Prime can help people travelling cheaper by getting discounted flights across multiple airlines and finding the best deals worldwide. After making a few simulations of booking flights with eDreams Prime she showcases how Prime prices are cheaper than the ones displayed by the airlines websites. Her final verdict is that it is definitely worth subscribing to Prime and that customers can easily make the cost of the subscription back with only one or two weekend getaways.

  • One step 4ward

Johnny is an Irish guy who started travel blogging while living and teaching English in Thailand and South Korea. In his article he explains how eDreams Prime can help travellers to choose their perfect travel destination, listing a number of examples of places they could visit  from the Netherlands to Australia and why. As the previous blogger, he is also outlining the benefits of travelling with Prime especially when going on a group holiday.  

  • Y travel blog

It’s now the turn of the Makepeace, a family who’s been travelling the world nomadically for 22 years and who in 2010 started sharing their travel experiences on what became an award-winning travel family blog. They share their point of view about the advantages of travelling with eDreams Prime being a family of four members, highlighting the benefits of having such a subscription model for travels especially if travelling with more than one person. Ultimately they showcase how Prime can adapt to different travellers’ needs: it can be the case of frequent travellers, people who don’t want to spend too much time researching across multiple booking sites but also solo travellers making a few short-haul trips. 

  • Go nomad

Gonomad is a well known resource centre among tourism boards, providing travellers with informational and inspirational content for their travels in the US and abroad. In their article about eDreams Prime they explain how convenient and flexible it is to use eDreams and find the cheapest options. 

They show in detail what are the advantages of using eDreams Prime and how to get the most out of the travel subscription during the 30-days free trial period. They wrap up their article with a simulation of making a flight search for a three-day round trip from New York to London and to Rio de Janeiro, showing how much a family of three could save on each trip.

  • Travel with Bender

Josh Bender, aka travelwithbender, is a world-wide famous travel blogger and photographer. He has been travelling to more than 70 countries and is sharing expert tips on his award-winning travel blog. Josh is presenting his personal and original point of view about eDreams Prime. He points out that such a subscription model is a relatively new concept for the travel industry and that eDreams stands out among the other Online Travel Agencies for “turning the travel business upside down…. Most travellers are not loyal to a specific brand but just follow whoever’s got the cheapest price. A commitment to a subscription changes this dynamic and encourages consumers to make their next travel booking with eDreams directly.” 

Josh also appreciates the eDreams website for being highly functional but enjoyable at the same time, especially in the checkout flow. He recognizes that eDreams Prime is definitely worth the money and encourages travellers to give it a try.

  • Travel with Pedro

Last but not least, Pedro Richardson, aka travelwithpedro, is a hotel management professional and a luxury travel blogger who has travelled to 110 countries and loves exploring less-known destinations. He showcases how by using eDreams Prime when planning his trips to UAE and India he has been able to save more than the cost of the annual Prime membership already with the first flight. 

He explains how easily customers can take advantage of the 30 days trial and wraps up his article encouraging travellers to subscribe to Prime and benefiting from discounts on almost all the items they book for their holidays, especially if travelling with family members or a group of friends.


Click on the links in each paragraph to get to know these travel bloggers better and read more about what they think about eDreams Prime.

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