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Here, at eDreams, we all have travel on our minds. We’re constantly thinking about the next mountain top to conquer and the next visa stamp in our passports. Like many of you out there, we’re passionate about travel.

And we wanted to see if we’re on the same page

We’ve asked you, our blog, Facebook and Twitter community to answer a few questions related to the journey of their dreams. What is it like? What would you do first? Who would you take with you?

This is what we’ve found out:

You’re looking for Dreamlike beaches and a new lifestyle

The majority of the participants in our online survey said they would like to travel to Asia and get to know the local culture. They’d also like to spend some time on the beach with their loved one.

An interesting discovery was that the majority wanted to come back from their trip with a different life philosophy, which means they see travel as a way to grow personally and a reason to reflect on their personal life.

The only thing you can buy that makes you a better person is travel, they say. So travel more and grow more.

Let us know what you think about the info-graphic!

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