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Dublin - Lisbon
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Tel Aviv - Bucharest
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Brussels Airlines

About Brussels Airlines

Are you searching for the lowest price on Brussels Airlines flights for your next holiday? Then you've come to the right place! eDreams online travel agency features a fast and powerful search engine which quickly filters amongst hundreds of airlines and returns the cheapest flights for your desired route in a flash. What do you need to do? Simply enter in your preferred destinations and select from the list of Brussels Airlines cheap flights available which route, time and number of stops is most convenient for you.

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What our customers say about Brussels Airlines

Discover cheap flights with Brussels Airlines
3.5 /5
Total reviews based on: 90
Lisboa - Brussels National ( LIS - BRU )
5.0 /5
Date 2019-10-01 City Portugal Age 31-50 Class Economy

Hi I lake Brussels air because is the best one for me so next time I will be with you.

5.0 /5
1 reviews
Tel Aviv
Ben-Gurion International - Brussels National ( TLV - BRU )
4.0 /5
Date 2019-09-24 City Isreel Age 31-50 Class Economy

it was not cheap flight, no food or drinks [you can buy some]

4.0 /5
3 reviews
Brussels National - Marco Polo ( BRU - VCE )
2.0 /5
Date 2019-09-05 City Belgium Age 51-70 Class Economy

Flight left more than 2 hours late

2.0 /5
1 reviews
Brussels National - Ruzyne ( BRU - PRG )
5.0 /5
Date 2019-08-30 City Hawaii Age Class Economy

Best airlines I have ever flown!!

4.5 /5
2 reviews
Faro - Düsseldorf International ( FAO - DUS )
1.0 /5
Date 2019-06-12 City South Africa Age 51-70 Class Economy

Dear Sirs Following my complaint made on board flight number EW 9642 I have decided to be more precise on my complain so that these two employees to do not make any excuses and I wanted to be more thorough on the details of my complaint. I went to Budapest for a weekend conference TRA and only had ONE hand luggage which as a lady my lady bag was inside my hand luggage and met the weight and size requirements in accordance with your terms and conditions. I also arrived 2 hours in advance complying with all regulations. I did get a message on my mobile that the flight was overweight I don’t understand why because surely no passenger should be carrying any extra weight foreseen on the regulations and if the plain is a Boeing 310/320 must ensure it allows the luggage foreseen on your regulation since I only hand one hand luggage less than 8kg meeting the size I did not think necessary to check in my luggage besides I did not have a lock available and have very confidential information from my business conference to check in the baggage unprotected. When the check in time arrive 3 youngest arrived as previously explained one guy two young ladies one painted orange/yellow hair and another darker hair. At first the dark hair one approached me and said I need to put my luggage in as the plane was full and overload I explained the situation to her and she said it was ok since I only had ONE piece of luggage with the required conditions eurowings stipulated later a young guy approached me as well I replied the same to him he then raised his voice at me and said “You will Put your Luggage in NOW” his behaviour and tone of voice is totally unacceptable under any circumstances I was without words and shocked at this behaviour I approached the counter where he ORDER me to go and explained to this young lady Orange/yellow hair and she too was arrogant to me and I politely and in a soft voice asked are you being “Rude to Me”? she replied “Me No” in a cynical tone like do what you told demanded my boarding pass and I was trying to open it on my mobile again she replying in a louder tone “Your Boarding Pass” no please nothing I replied I am trying to get to it. Once I got it open she glued the sticker for my proof on luggage handed in on my mobile as per attached walked around and put the label on my luggage no further instruction nothing I asked her so what do I do with the bag where do I give it in? she replied abruptly inside. Anyway I had no time for abusive discriminated behaviour whilst I was on the row waiting to pass the boarding check this same woman went around speaking in Germany to many other Germans with bigger hand luggage or more than two pieces they spoke German to each other and she left them to take their bags on board. To make matters worse the young guy employee asked for me to scan my board pass not once for my identification I actually boarded the plane without anyone of these youngster checking who I was and if the boarding pass actually belonged to me they were too busy discriminating foreigners they forgot to do what was most important the security of allowing the correct passengers on board. Finally as I approached the entrance of the plain door only 3 bags were there mine was the forth by forced of impoliteness and discrimination and this is a fact how will you explain the person next to me has 2 bags at her feet plus the top luggage she was not traveling business she was sitting next to me that I could take the attached photos above my space as you can see no bags were boarded into the plain why? I run a corporate international tax consultation company and any employee raising their voice at one of my customer will be dismissed immediately. I will in all future flights ensure I do not travel on a eurowings flight because of your discrimination abusive language used towards me and the lack of security on overloading luggage and allowing passengers on board without checking their identification. I am giving Eurowings an opportunity to look into these serious events of this flight experience Flight EW9642 and based on your reply I will take the necessary actions to warn all my clients friends and family members of this experience. Enclosed is proof of discrimination where Germans walked into the plain with more than 2 bags overload messages endangering clients and my testimony how I enter a plain without once being requested of my identification at boarding pass and entering the actual plain and the rudeness of sticking a luggage sticker on my mobile without any further explanations as to how I was to deliver my luggage that I had the right to embarked with. You gave permission to employees stick luggage stickers on my mobile screen? All of the above is called discrimination to nationalities you flying into my COUNTRY Portugal and treat me this way is totally unacceptable your employees behaviour as a service provider in shocking to say the least. I represent a huge number of British airways Captain pilots and I am going to ask them how I can report this incident into a higher level because I am completely shocked at this behaviour I was shocked at the rudeness of these tow employees But after being on board and observing what was around me I felt angry at being discriminated by these two German employees and this flight.

1.0 /5
1 reviews
Brussels National - Guglielmo Marconi ( BRU - BLQ )
4.0 /5
Conter sabine
Date 2019-05-23 City Belgium Age 51-70 Class Economy

The check in Ryanair very very bad and difficult !!! We did it but nth et says it was the check in for the seat !!! So we had to pay 2x 55€ !!!!!i will try not to fly with Ryanair next time

4.0 /5
1 reviews
Marseille-Provence - Kastrup ( MRS - CPH )
4.0 /5
Date 2019-05-16 City Canada Age 51-70 Class Economy

I had a great flight good service everything on time.

4.0 /5
1 reviews
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