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Argentina is a country of natural beauty…

The second biggest nation in South America covers an area of more than 1 million sq mi, where you can find all types of landscapes: impressive mountains such as the Hill of Seven Colors in Purmamarca, tropical jungles, and exciting cities with plenty of culture and history.

Today we want to show you that no matter your travel preferences, there’s always a part of Argentina that will please you. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading!

One Argentina for each type of traveller!

Do you like the water sports?

Windsurf en Cuesta del Viento - Argentina

This oasis of green waters is located about 100 miles from the city of San Juan and thanks to its strong winds is perfect for the lovers of water sports such as windsurf and kitesurf.

The “Cuesta del Viento” (directly translated to Wind Slope) is a classic destination for other type of travellers as well because during the morning the wind is calmer which makes it an ideal place for kayaking and fishing.

Sports, nature and relax- how does that sound?

Do you consider yourself a foodie?

Choripan in Argentina

If you decide your travels according to the gastronomy of the destination, we have good news: you’ll love Argentina! Since the country is so rich in natural and cultural resources, it means that in each region you’ll find contrasting dishes that are both delicious and surprising.

There are plenty of different flavours with their own identity: from the succulent barbecues in Patagonia to the smoked products of Tierra de Fuego, passing through the delicacies of new Buenos Aires cuisine…

On top of the food, the Argentine wines are also recognized worldwide for their exquisite quality, especially in the Mendoza area. Colourful, irresistible and with their own identity – that’s what the flavours of Argentina are like! Want to try some?

Do you love trekking?

Trekking in Argentina

El Chalten

Welcome free spirits! The Glaciares National Park and its legendary Perito Moreno are ideal destinations for those that love the snow and also for the ones that enjoy trekking. You can walk on breathtaking trails and forget about civilization and the routine. Discover this treasure of mother nature by walking between rivers and forests.

There are different types of routes to go trekking, so don’t worry because the Chalten is not only suitable for trekking pros!


Buenos Aires - Argentina

Buenos Aires

Are you a cosmopolitan person that is passionate about exploring the unusual streets that are hidden within a big city? Buenos Aires is for you!

Buenos Aires is tango, color, delicious food, passion, culture and… football! Explore this vibrant city by discovering its neighborhoods, from the popular San Telmo or the colorful La Boca, to the most modern ones like Marderno and Puerto Madero.

You can find almost everything in this city that never sleeps: art galleries, museums, historic cafes, world-class restaurants and much more…

Have you been to Argentina? Where in Argentina would you love to go? Let us know in the comments below.

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