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The Big Mac index was introduced in 1986 as a humorous illustration of the country’s Purchasing power parity and it has been published by The Economist since then.

In eDreams, we’ve found that the average price of a Big Mac burger is around 3.70€. But we all know that a simple Big Mac (not the meal) doesn’t fill you up and that there are tastier dishes around the world!

We want to prove to you that you can get different kinds of healthy meals in Asia for the same amount of a Big Mac in Europe.

[The prices in this article are approximate, on-site prices might be a little higher or lower.]


Fresh coconut water + a delicious plate of Khao Soi + sticky rice with mango = 140 THB

Photo by Dennis Wong via Flickr

One plate of Xiao Long Bao (steamed dumplings) + local beer = 25 CNY

Photo by Santo Chino via Flickr
Photo by Fredrik Rubensson via Flickr

A plate of Kaisendon (rice bowl with seafood) = 500 JPY

Photo by Masahiko Ohkubo via Flickr

One serving of Phô + Banh Mi + 2 local beers + che chuối (banana and coconut dessert) = 85,000 VND

Photo by Chris Goldberg via Flickr
Photo by Chris Goldberg via Flickr
Photo by Ume-y via Flickr
Photo by Qlinart via Flickr

One plate of Nasi goreng (fried rice) + two sauteed chicken barbecue sticks +  mango juice = 55,000 IDR

Photo by Ashley Ringrose via Flickr
Photo by Irwandy Mazwir via Flickr
Photo by Aaron Shumaker via Flickr

A bowl of Ted’s Batchoy + Halo halo dessert = 187 PHP

Photo by George Parrilla via Flickr
Photo by Dee via Flickr

Thanks to Jaya from Girl Eats World and Chester for these tips!

a plate of Thali (assortment of different dishes) + a plate of Masala dosa + a cone of Pakoras + Mango Lassi = 260 INR

Photo by Connie Ma via Flickr
Photo by McKay Savage via Flickr
Photo by Scott Dexter via Flickr
Photo by Thibault Deckers via Flickr

Which one is your favourite? Leave us a comment below! 

One response to “Things You Can Eat in Asia For the Price of a Big Mac

  1. Great comparison! Who would ever choose
    the Mac with all those delicious alternatives? I’ll go for the Vietnamese Pho
    soup and Banh Mi sandwiches!

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