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If you have travelled you will have noticed that taxis vary in shape and size depending on the country you are in. In fact, most tourists love a ride in a foreign taxi because many countries are famous for them. Here is our list of the top 10 taxis around the world. Have a read and make sure you take one if you are heading to that destination soon.

1.    London cab

You have all seen them and most of you will have ridden in one when in London. London cabs are famous all over the world…..they are black and officially known as hackney carriages.  Cabbies drive London cabs and they are usually friendly and will tell about the city and life.

new york taxi

2.    New York yellow cabs

Perhaps one of the most famous forms of transport in the world. Everyone wants to ride in a New York cab.

3.    Coco taxis in Cuba

They have three wheels and are named Coco taxis because strangely they resemble the shape of a coconut.

india taxi

4.    India’s Ambassadors

These taxis date back to 1948 and are manufactured by Hindustan Motors of India.

moscow taxi

5.    Moscow Porsches

A ride in a Porsche has a certain ring to it…..you can do so in Moscow, but it will cost you.

bangkok tuktuk

6.    Bangkok tuk-tuks

Taking a ride on a rickshaw in the Thai capital is an absolute must. Just make sure that your driver knows where to go. Ask the driver to take the most direct route without any detours.

hong kong taxi

7.    Hong Kong Toyota Comfort

The Toyota Comfort taxis come in three colours and they will get you from A to B in comfort.

shanghai taxi

8.    Shanghai’s VW Jettas

They aren’t particularly modern and they most certainly aren’t clean…..but seeing a swarm of green VW Jettas will make you realise that you have arrived in Shanghai.

mexico city taxi

9.    Mexico City VW Beetle

They are so cool that Volkswagen even invented a new modern version of its Beetle. Take a ride in an official VW Beetle in Mexico.

peru taxi

10.    Tricycle taxi, Puno, Peru

More like a bicycle than anything else. It is environmentally friendly and will be an experience for anyone who dares to take a ride on a tricycle taxi in Peru.

Have you just got back from holiday and tried one of these taxis? Which one? If you have tried a taxi in a country not mentioned here, tell us about it…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this taxi services list. I love to ride Ambassador. I live in Australia but when i visit to India so i ride of indian taxi.

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