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Ever wished you could just click your fingers and be lying on a beach on the Greek Islands, or eating your way through all the gelato in Rome? Well, there might be a glimmer of hope for you. 11% of the people we surveyed are hopeful that teleportation will be a travel possibility in the future

At eDreams, we polled over 10,000 customers across the UK, Europe and USA to reveal the ways consumers predict travel will look like in 20 years.

In the UK, half of the people surveyed are hoping for free Wi-Fi and streaming services on board, 41% look forward to faster or supersonic planes and 29% expressed a desire for electric planes.

Consumers would prefer to have access to beds in all classes of the aeroplane over having open spaces with games, cinemas and entertainment.

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The cost of travel

There is a general consensus amongst all who we surveyed that travel costs will go down in the future. 51% of respondents believe the lower costs will be down to technological developments in the field, whilst 69% of the people surveyed think that the lower fares will be due to the increased demand.

The end of the photo album

Only 15% of people questioned think that we’ll still be printing hard copies of our travel photographs in 20 year’s time. More generally accepted, is that memories will be stored through virtual reality (VR), allowing us to re-live our holidays in a more immersive way. 

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Language barriers

The general consensus from people of all nations is that language barriers as we know them today will be overcome by technology. Specifically, by technological devices that offer simultaneous translation. 41% think English will be more widely spoken worldwide.

23% of UK customers believe travellers will still need to learn languages as we do today to overcome language barriers, compared to only 7% of American travellers. 

Age differences

The 35 – 44 year old age group is the most positive about technological advances, whereas the younger age group of 25 – 34 year olds are more interested in on-board comfort and hope for beds in all classes on planes. Over 55’s are the least convinced that technology will help us travel in time, travel to space, or allow us to teleport. They’re also the age group who most want planes to stay the same as they are today, and wish for shorter airport queues more than anything else. 

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