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WiFi is everywhere, from cafes to bus stops, trains to airports, it’s a service that people on the go value highly.

Unfortunately the WiFi craze hasn’t reached its fullest potential yet and we can’t wait for the day it’s included (for free) in the flights of the future.

Though frequent fliers have made their pleas to the airlines to offer onboard internet, when the service is available it isn’t always up to par with the tech-savvy traveler’s needs…

Even though an increasing amount of airlines like Finnair, Srilankan Airlines, Kuwait Airways, TAAG Angola Airlines, and WestJet  have announced that they’ll soon be implementing WiFi, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to the quality of the service, as exorbitant pricing and slow speeds that would make even a snail yawn are deterring fliers from considering purchasing internet aboard.

wifi plane

At the moment only eight airlines offer free inflight WiFi: Emirates, JetBlue, Norwegian, Turkish Airlines, Air China, Philippine Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines and Nok Air.

Want to know which airlines offer inflight internet access? Here’s the complete list:

Airlines that offer inflight WiFi and/or GSM internet access

Aer Lingus
Air Canada
Air China
Air Europa
Air France
Alaska Airlines
All Nippon Airways
American Airlines
British Airways
Cebu Pacific Air
China Eastern Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Egypt Air
Garuda Indonesia
GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes
Gulf Air
HongKong Airlines
Libyan Airlines
Mango Airlines
Nok Air
Oman Air
Philippine Airlines (PAL)
Qatar Airways
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Southwest Airlines
TAP Portugal
THAI Airways
Turkish Airlines
US Airways
Vietnam Airlines
Virgin America

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76 responses to “List of Airlines Offering Inflight WiFi

  1. Hi – HK Airlines is not really wifi (can’t be used on electronic products and only for the on board flight entertainment system)

  2. If you have a wifi plan from US mobile (www.usmobile.com/wifi) you get access to wifi on all these airlines for $10/month.

  3. It seems strange that we still have to pay such inflated prices. No doubt in ten year time it will be free.

  4. It’s ridiculous to charge for WiFi on flights to be honest, but I can understand if someone is using a lot of MB’s. But last I flew with Emirates in July 2015 on their A380 it had WiFi, Apparently they had a 60% coverage on their total fleet and 10 MB for free in all classes. And if you needed more then you could purchase 500 MB for 1 USD which sounds very reasonable.

  5. So, a few more airlines give free WiFi to their First and Business Class passengers. How about an article with an update on this?

  6. Emirates has Connectivity on 64 B777’s now, Panasonic system but using OnAir WISP. Pricing is $1 for 500 MB or 10MB for free on the NxT Portal version. All aircraft are being switched over to the new portal.

    1. Hi Cassy. As of now, United Airways hasn’t provided an update on this particular airbus. The A330-200, however, does offer the use of portable electronic devices under 10,000 feet. There is also a USB port at every seat. Thanks for reaching out!

  7. China airlines from Taiwan has inflight wifi service, at least on the new 777 planes. I connected only to see the fee schedule, so I can’t say anything about the performances.

    1. Hi Leslysandra! Thanks for reaching out. What, specifically, would you like to know about travelling and wifi? Also, please let us which airline you will be travelling on and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

  8. Lufthansa has the best wifi on board. Download speeds 5mbps and upload 1mbps. I can use facetime easily. Also the prices have changed. It’s 17 euro for 24 hours now.

  9. Great summary Chelsea, however the British Airways section isn’t 100% correct. They are testing WiFi on a Boeing 747 (G-CIVG), with a charge of £10 for an hour, or £17.50 for 24 hours 🙂

      1. Hi Chelsea,
        I’d like to add, due to short runway at London City airport, B747 cannot operate there, so they operate A318 on LCY-JFK route and as you mentioned earlier for inflight connectivity network provider roaming charges apply. 🙂

    1. Sorry. Could be a misunderstanding.I think by the time my friend called me via whatsapp ,the plane had not taken off yet. He did not sent me messages for three to four hours later. So I guess no free wifi during the flight. Regret any inconvenience caused.

      1. When he was on the ground he had his cellular data from his carrier. As soon as the plane takes off he losses all access to his carrier.

  10. It’s good to know the technology developing day by day.Now we can send the text message to anyone from air.Because some airlines are providing sky high connectivity.These day Wifi has become a competitive tool for airlines.Whoever providing faster Wifi services, they will be in the competition.Already United Airlines has begun to introduce Wifi on long-haul international flights.Wish to see more airlines provide this facility for passengers.

      1. Chelsea – I’m a producer for CNN Travel interested in featuring your blog on an article I’m writing on IFE. Can you tell me how you verified all this info for these airlines? And is it all up to date?

  11. Hi Chelsea, great article. What is you source for “researchers estimating that in the United Kingdom alone the absence of in-flight WiFi is costing the British economy £640m a year”? I cannot find it. Thank you!

  12. Hi Chelsea, thanks for this great summary! Is there a way I can message you about a couple of extra bits of information? Hopefully I can help add a few more airlines and models! Thanks, Emma

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