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The best beaches in Tenerife

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The best beaches in Tenerife

Las Teresitas

Beachside golden sands and palm trees with shimmering blue waters is just one of the many reasons why Playa de las Teresitas is one of the more popular of the Canary Islands beaches. The area consists of nearly one mile of beach and it is located near Santa Cruz, which boasts the majestic Anaga mountain range.

Despite all of the popularity, this beach remains unspoilt, and a destination worth seeing for a splendid getaway.

Las Américas

Night life or day time fun: Visitors can have their fill of both in the Las Americas beach. Located in one of the more popular areas of the island, this beach offers all of the comforts of a day at the beach with family to great bars, nearby restaurants and a relaxing atmosphere where sunbathing or a thrilling water sport excursion are also possible.

It’s no surprise this makes Las Américas the perfect beach for everyone.

Los Gigantes

600-meter cliffs surround Los Gigantes beach. This holiday oasis is situated on the west coast and is comprised of black sand. Visit this destination and take a boat ride; this allows for a complete admiration of the beauty that surrounds.

The area also has restaurants and bars for a relaxing experience after a day of swimming in the sea.


Masca is a pretty beach which makes its home in a small town of the same name, surrounded by canyons and lush green landscapes. This is a great beach for trekkers as it takes a 3-hour walk to arrive. But the walk is well worth it, once you’ve arrived to see the incredible views from the bay.

Definitely an ideal beach!

Las Vistas

The calm water of this beach, makes it an ideal spot for families with smaller children.

The visitor services which are ample at this beach also allows for a stress-free visit.

Travellers heading this way for a summer holiday just need enjoy the crystal clear waters and relax.


Another beach boasting black sands, is Benijo. This beach is located in Santa Cruz and is particularly popular for adults as there are many nudists and water sports enthusiasts.

The beach is not as convenient with services, but the area is relaxing and the water views lovely.

Map of Tenerife

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