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The best beaches in Menorca

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The best beaches in Menorca

Cala Galdana

If what you’re looking for is a fun-filled beach that is convenient and family friendly, Cala Galdana is your spot! Perfect for weekend breaks or a longer stay, here, visitors can rent a scooter for sight-seeing or take a tour, relax on a hammock or enjoy paragliding and jet skiing.


Charming and gorgeous, Binibeca offers travellers a getaway that is truly breathtaking. Fashioned as a small fishing village, it is also one of the most popular places, famous for its Mediterranean-style white houses. The area’s nearest beach is Binibeca Nou, which is a great place for family fun. Convenient and semi-secluded, the beach boasts bars and rentable hammocks and beach umbrellas!

Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana is a hidden treasure in the Balearic Islands. A 1 km walk from the more popular areas, it is a desired spot among the avid trekkers and hikers for its raw and natural environment. Famous for its crystal clear waters that extend right up to the lush green surrounding forests, the beach is located in the municipality of Ferreríes. The beach also boasts the characteristic quality of a large space of sand, which makes relaxing by the water a great way to relax. Cala Mitjaneta can be accessed via a smaller virgin beach located nearby.

Cala Turqueta

A beach escape in Menorca continues to astound as visitors travel to Cala Turqueta. This beach is accessed by walking along the cliffs that separate it from Son Saura beach. This beach guarantees sun, stunning white sand and approaching boats that inspire a relaxing atmosphere. Despite all the tourists, Cala Turqueta remains unspoilt. Take water and food when you visit, as there are no beach bars in the area.

Cala Macarella y Macarelleta

After a long walk amongst the pines, visitors arrive at Cala Macarella beach, and it is like arriving at an oasis. The white sand merges with the turquoise sea for a breathtaking scene. Between dips in the beach, visitors can relax and drink at their pool bar or have a little picnic within the shade of the trees. Just after picnic and the nap time and the sun begins to fall, be sure to cross the path Cala Macarelleta , just across the cliff.

Cala Pregonda

Step onto the beach of Cala Pregonda and find a sand unlike any other in the Balearic islands- a red sand accompanied by clear waters. Menorca’s special beach has reached its own acclaim and has been featured on the cover of two Mike Oldfield albums. Travellers going on holiday can enjoy snorkelling or swimming. For the adventurous types, a swim to the islets located nearby will inspire jumping off the highest point and unto the sea. Come equipped with food and drink as this beach does not have any local bar or restaurant.

Map of Menorca

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