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Romance is in the air and the world is filled with stunning destinations for the perfect romantic getaway. Are you planning to escape for Valentine’s Day? If you are, we have a few suggestions for you. At eDreams, we’ve ranked the top 10 most romantic places in the world by their level of romance on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most romantic.


Check out our infographic and see where you should take your better half to turn up the romance! Once you’ve found the perfect destination, be sure to book your trip!

1. Bali

Romantic Bali nights
Photo by Alex Hanoko via Flickr

What to do: Book at least a night in the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel and try to get the Panoramic Deluxe Pool Villa. The view will leave you speechless.

Why is it romantic: You only need to see a few photos from the place to see what we mean. You’ll have the feeling you and your partner are the only two people left in the world.

How romantic is it: 5

When to go: This could be the perfect place for a unique proposal. Will you say “I do” to a holiday in Bali?

How to say “I love you”: Saya Cinta Kamu.


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2. Easter Island

Easter Island Sunset
Photo by Yulin Lu via Flickr

What to do: Witness the brilliance of a sunset close to the solitary Moai of Hanga Roa.

Why is it romantic: Sunsets are always romantic. Just think about how incredible they could be with views of the Pacific Ocean. Easter Island’s statues also add a bit of charm and are worth seeing close up.

How romantic is it: 2

When to go: This is the perfect destination for couples who feel like discovering the world together. What are you waiting for? Take an adventure you both will always remmeber!

How to say “I love you”: Give your significant other a miniature Moai to remind them of this trip.


3. Ushuaia, Argentina

Photo by drand10 on flickr

What to do: Go to the end of the world, literally, with your loved one. Visit the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and gain amazing perspective.

Why is it romantic: Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, hence the term end of the world. For the romantic duo, however, this could also be the beginning of everything you and your partner want to become as a couple. If that doesn’t make this destination the second most romantic place in the world, we are not sure what will!

How romantic is it: 5

When to go: When you’re ready to walk with your loved one until the end of the world.

How to say “I love you”: Te quiero.


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4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand
Photo by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

What to do: Explore temples, cruise through Bangkok on a tuk-tuk, take in the present local culture at the street markets, and experience the stunning view of the many skyscrapers that adorn this destination.

Why is it romantic: The exotic city that never sleeps and never ceases to fascinate will keep you busy trying local flavors at the street markets and fantastic restaurants. At the end of the day, you and your sweetie can have a relaxing Thai massage, only to get you both ready for a romantic cruise on the Chao Phraya river.

How romantic is it: 4

When to go: When you want a mix of big city nightlife with plenty of culture.

How to say “I love you”: Phom Rak Khun (to a girl); Chan Rak Khun (to a boy).


5. New York City

New York City Love
Photo by Werner Kunz via Flickr

What to do: New York can be all about romance and it starts with a stroll in Central Park. What could be more romantic than that? Your partner will swoon on a carriage ride, or rowing around the lake in a small boat, or simply crossing one of the many famous bridges in the park. All of these iconic locations have witnessed many marriage proposals and we are sure you’ll feel the love in this city.

Why is it romantic: You will be surrounded by open fields full of flowers, trees, and unique landscapes where any place is the perfect place to set your heart aflutter .

How romantic is it: 3

When to go: One of the best times of the year is Autumn. The city begins to change colors and the falling leaves decorate the streets.

How to say “I love you”: I love you!


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