The best and worst airports of the world

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      Which are the best and worst airports of the world?

      eDreams has once more evaluated the reviews made by its customers to create the ranking about the best airports in the world. This ranking consists on 10 airports taking into account their global quality and the top three airports in the categories of waiting areas, shopping and restaurants. After an in-depth review of more than 65,000 opinions submited during 2016 we can announce that Helsinki-Vantaa is considered the best airport in the world.

      Top 10 best airports

      Helsinki-Vantaa, the airport of the Finnish capital, received this year the highest score, thanks to the efficiency of security checks, the optimal cleaning standards and the top-notch services provided to the passengers. Eight out of ten airports in the ranking are European, including the new entries of this year Frankfurt, Geneva and Dublin.

      The best airports by category

      Best airports for shopping

      1 Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport 3,98/5
      2 Copenhagen airport 3,91/5
      3 Zurich airport 3,89/5

      The time between flights during a stopover or the time before boarding a flight is a great opportunity for passengers to make some last minute shopping, such as a souvenir for those back at home or a useful item for the trip. The following airports had the best score in terms of shopping.

      Best airports for eating

      1 Dallas/Fort Worth airport 4,08/5
      2 Zurich airport 3,91/5
      3 Frankfurt airport 3,84/5

      Being able to choose from a big variety of restaurants that have a special type of food or that provide alternatives to passengers that suffer of food intolerance is a big plus for those that are at the airport and fancy a meal before or after their flight.

      Best airports for waiting areas

      1 Dallas/Fort Worth airport 4,10/5
      2 Zurich airport 3,90/5
      3 Frankfurt airport 3,79/5

      The waiting areas used before the departure of a flight are very important to passengers and also to those that are searching for the best place to sleep in airports and look for safety and comfort. These are the three best airports when it comes to waiting areas.

      The 10 worst airports of the world

      After analyzing all the comments that were submitted it was also possible to generate the ranking about the worst airports in the world. In 2016 the Schönefeld airport in Berlin is ranked first with a rating of 3.17 / 5 and in second place it's the London Luton airport. There are other airports in major cities in this top 10 list such as the two main airports in Paris and LaGuardia and JFK in New York.

      1 Berlin Schönefeld airport (SXF) Germany 3,17/5
      2 London Luton airport (LTN) UK 3,25/5
      3 New York LaGuardia airport (LGA) United States 3,30/5
      4 New York J. F. Kennedy airport (JFK) United States 3,40/5
      5 Brussels South Charleroi airport (CRL) Belgium 3,40/5
      6 Lima J. Chávez International airport (LIM) Peru 3,40/5
      7 Rome Ciampino International airport (CIA) Italy 3,47/5
      8 Berlin Tegel airport (TXL) Germany 3,49/5
      9 Paris Charles De Gaulle airport (CDG) France 3,54/5
      10 Paris Orly airport (ORY) France 3,56/5

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