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Lanzarote's top summertime beaches

Playa Famara

For those who love to surf, Playa Famara, located on the North coast of Lanzarote, is an epic spot to catch a wave.

It is for this reason why this beach is known as the “European Hawaii”.

The beach also possesses a laidback atmosphere amidst nature’s beauty making this area a destination worth seeing.

Playa Papagayo

Lanzarote’s Papagayo beach is like a diamond in the rough. Hidden behind magnificent volcanic mountains is this gorgeous beach, comprised of white sands and blue hues.

Papagayo beach is special and as so, can only be accessed by taking a walk, though every step closer to this beach is one step closer to the perfect beach holiday.

Playa las Conchas

A trip to the northernmost point of Las Canarias, lies Playa las Conchas with golden sands and clear ocean waters. Though a dip in the waters is very tempting and sure to be enjoyable, there can be a strong current, so swimmers should be careful.

This unique beach is located in La Graciosa, which is the largest of the islands that comprise the Archipelago Chinijo.

Playa Quemada

Picturesque and with calm warm breezes, Playa Quemada is popular among tourists, as it offers a wide range of services ideal for enjoying a relaxing beach day with the family.

Also, the beach’s black sand is beautiful.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca, another lovely beach for a sunshine holiday, is small, but praised for its cleanliness and white sand.

There are also a wide range of services available on the beach, as well as restaurants, bars and a charming beach promenade for skaters and cyclists, just on the outskirts of the beach area.

Caletón Blanco

The Caletón Blanco beach is filled with contrasts, making it a beautiful escape for a relaxing beach day. Located in the North of Lanzarote, this beach boasts white sands which stands out in a stunning way from the volcanic landscape of the island. The water in its crystal clear quality, along with the area’s natural environment of flora and fauna, add to the unique and special nature of the beach.

Map of Lanzarote

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