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Historically, Europe has been the capital of travel.

With so many different cultures all plotted into the same continent, getting around and experiencing new doesn’t take long. Europe is the central continent that connects to Asia, Africa and many nationalities, like Americans and Australians, come from afar. Yet, Europe doesn’t really have any specific well-trodden trails that put you in line with other solo travellers.

amsterdam netherlands

If you think of other traveller friendly spots in the world such as Southeast Asia, the old Banana Pancake trail is what most solo travellers embark on. Europe, because of how vast it is and with over 50 countries, still hasn’t developed one solid route that everyone takes.

That’s why it’s important that if you’re a solo traveller, you know where the top destinations are to meet others!

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal has for the best hostels in the world. Regularly, the hostels in Lisbon win awards and a main reason for that is the social aspect this city creates. Although it has moved from in the shadows to a trend over recent years, this has just amped up the amount of solo travellers pouring into the city.


Check out Bairro Alto, the hilly neighbourhood in Lisbon, home to the most bars per square metre than anywhere else on the continent. There’s definitely time to meet fellow solo’s here.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is often many travellers first stop when travelling around Europe. With International Schiphol Airport flying everywhere it seems, Amsterdam is the logical place to visit. With laws here a little loose, English widely spoken and the hostel scene ever growing, there’s no shortage of solo travellers here.

amsterdam landscape

Whether you’re wandering around the famous Red Light District or taking in Amsterdam’s beautiful canals, look around you, there are travellers everywhere.


Berlin, Germany

Berlin is renowned for its pulsating social scene that ranges from never-closing nightclubs to the quirkiest dive bars on every corner. Due to the city being stacked with history such as fragments from the infamous Berlin Wall, it’s a popular city for visitors.

berlin view - germany

Whether you’re roaming the streets with your cultural cap on, staying in one of Berlin’s amazing hostels or partying the night away in a club, you’ll bound to meet fellow solo travellers here.

eDreams Tip: Still in Germany, but in Munich is the annual Oktoberfest Festival from every September – October. With giant stein beers, German songs and extravagant of lederhosen’s, this epic event isn’t just for the locals, it’s for everyone. Check out Stoke Travel for information on events like these!


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has become a state of it’s own to solo travellers in recent years and it’s easy to forget the country it is in, Hungary. The hostels in Budapest are absolutely wild so there’s no way you won’t bump into a fellow solo traveller here; just get ready to party along the way!

budapest landscape

Budapest Party Hostels as per the name say is the place to stay if you want to really get social. It’s impossible not to meet fellow travellers here and enjoy the craziness off the nightlife in Budapest.


Prague, Czech Republic

Similar to Budapest, Prague is mistaken as a independent state rather than being the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is a safe city and fairly easy to navigate. Not only does it attract numerous stag parties but also many solo travellers make Prague a place to visit too.

prague bridgesAs most Eastern Europe cities, Prague has that unique medieval factor that warrants taking multiple photos. Throw in affordable prices Prague has turned into one of Europe’s most popular destinations for all kinds of travellers.

eDreams Tip: Try out cool spots like Café Bar Propaganda or Bar No. 7 to meet fellow solo travellers.


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has a bit of everything. It has culture, food, football, beaches, nightlife and a unique Catalan personna. Yet,o ver-tourism is a problem in Barcelona, with the popular Catalan city a mainstay for tourists over the last decade. Like it or lump it, you can’t move without passing by a traveller here today. But as a solo traveller this is definitely useful and can be used for your advantage because you’ll always meet someone wandering through this iconic city.

barcelona landscape

Whether you’re by La Barcenoleta beach or the pulsating La Ramblas, Barcelona has something going on and you won’t be the only one to see it.


Reykjavik, Iceland

The tourism boost in Iceland has been nothing short of sensational in recent years, with millions visiting each year. When you compare this to the whole nations population of only 330,000, it tells you simply Iceland is a hotspot travel destination.

Reykjavik - iceland

Especially for travellers looking to road trip, explore world-class rugged terrain and indulge in adventurous activities, Reykjavik is the starting point. Many solo travellers now visit Iceland so get down to the Blue Lagoon spa and make some friends!


London, UK

No-one who travels to the UK does without a visit to the capital. In fact, it’s where most travellers ONLY visit. Still, London is all about the iconic history and the multi-cultural vibes. There are always travellers in London, a bit like Amsterdam, either starting or ending a trip.


Many say London is the capital of Europe, so check in somewhere, have a cup of tea and find a pub in Shepherds Bush to meet a fellow wanderer.


Galway, Ireland

If you’ve ever watched the music video to Ed Sheeran ‘Galway Girl’ you’ll see that Galway looks a whole lot of fun.

galway - ireland

Quay Street is a popular spot for incomers and locals alike especially solo travellers. With the old Irish charm that lights up at night, this place is definitely a spot to meet fellow wanderers of the world. Once voted as ‘The Most Friendliest City in the World’ Galway boasts good vibes and a high energy amongst everyone especially if you like to socialise.

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