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Flying with KLM soon? The flag carrier airline of the Netherlands operates flights to 130 destinations and won the “Best Airline Staff Service” in Europe in 2013, awarded by the World Airline Awards.

If you have a flight with the Dutch airline and want to know how to do the check-in, watch the following video of KLM check in and continue reading below to take notes!

KLM Online check-in

The online check-in at KLM is available from 30 hours to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of your flight. In case you’re flying to the USA, the check-in can only be done from 24 hours before departure.

To check-in at the KLM website, you will need to provide the booking code and flight number. After being logged in, it’s just a matter of selecting your flight, selecting your seat, add baggage (if needed) and getting the boarding pass via email in PDF format, or the electronic ticket directly on your smartphone.

Mobile Check-in with KLM

The mobile check-in with KLM can be done directly on their website (following the steps described previously) or by using the KLM app available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Passengers have the same options in the app as online – select seat, add baggage and more.

Checking your luggage with KLM

If you need to check your luggage after doing the online check-in, just head over to the airport and go to the self-service kiosks, baggage drop-off points or check-in desks, which are open from 3 hours until 40 minutes before the departure.

Take into account that there might be a cue at the baggage drop-off points so arrive at the airport with enough time to do everything, including passing the immigration and security checkpoints.

KLM Airport check-in

Check-in at the airport with KLM can easily be done at the check in kiosks by following the simple instructions and printing the boarding pass, or at the check in desks if your flight is departing on the same day.

Other details of KLM Check-in

If you’re traveling alone and want to know who will be the person sitting next to you, take a look at the “Meet & Seat” program.

KLM’s Meet & Seat lets you find out about interesting people who will be on board your KLM flight such as other passengers attending the same event as you at your destination.

Simply share your Facebook or LinkedIn profile details, to check other participating passengers’ details and where they’ll be sitting.

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