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Turin is also known as the forgotten city of Italy and after visiting it you’ll understand why it was the first capital of Italy and still is one of the industrial city areas of the country.

The vermouth, the Nutella and the Fiat cars were invented in Turin and it was also the first Italian city to have a cinema of its own.

If you sum all these inventions and add the beautiful landscapes and proximity to the Alps, it looks like Turin is a great destination to have a picnic in the park, a trip to the mountains and a snack with friends before an evening of movies or visiting museums.

In case you’re thinking about visiting the North of Italy, we give you 25 things to do in Turin.

1. Feel like an explorer in the halls of the Egyptian Museum.

Egyptian Museum - Turin
Photo by @uccio295 via Instagram

This space houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on this side of the Nile.

2. Discover the incredible halls of the “Pallazo Madama“.

palazzo madama in Turin
Photo by michypelazza via Instagram

Which is the former residence of the Savoy and is now a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If what you see seems amazing wait until you get a glimpse of the Roman ruins inside.

3. Take a stroll at “Piazza Castello“.

piazza castello
Photo by @iannyseyes via Instagram

When leaving the Palace, which was the first Italian Senate, you will find yourself in “Piazza Castello” which is the city center and has been the most important place in the city for centuries.

4. Take your time and stroll among the shops of Via Roma.

via roma in Turin
Photo by @vittoriacapirossi via Instagram

5. Make a stop at the Caffé Mulassano for aperitifs.

caffe mulassano in Turin
Photo by @thegreedydoctor via Instagram

It’s quite an experience to have a Martini or a glass of Prosecco in this tiny bar with marble tables.

6. Return to the “Piazza Castello” to immerse yourself in the luxurious halls of the Palazzo Reale.

Palazzo Reale - Turin
Photo by @elena_como via Instagram

It is the first royal residence of the Savoy and the center of the Piedmontese politics for over 3 centuries. After the visit you’ll understand why Turin is known as the Paris of Italy.

7. Walk along the arches of the Piazza San Carlo.

piazza san carlo - Turin
Photo by @talkingmule via Instagram

It’s nicknamed the “livingroom of Turin” and here you can find some of the oldest cafés in the city.

8. If you’re a football fan, your place is with Juventus.

juventus stadium - Turin
Photo by @bar_tek02 via Instagram

Visit their stadium and stop by the museum to soak up their history.

9. Wander between the Barroque and Rococo architecture.

Turin architecture
Photo by @a.f.bechis via Instagram

Which is typical of Turin and admire the colorful facades: bright blue, lemon yellow and many others…

10. Head over to the ancient Iulia Augusta Taurinorum.

Augusta Taurinorum - Turin
Photo by @vincep267 via Instagram

It is now called Turin, by looking at the Porta Palatina, one of the best preserved Roman buildings in the world.

11. Recharge your energy at “Pepino Gelatería“!

gelateria pepino in Turin
Photo by @federicobellitti via Instagram

After so many monuments you will have to recharge your batteries, so we suggest going to the “Pepino Gelatería” and ask for a Pingüino which is their most popular ice cream since 1884!

12. Visit the green heart of Turin – Valentino Park.

Valentino Park - Turin
Photo by @elena_como via Instagram

It is close to the river Po and architectural gems like the Borgo Medievale.

13. Moviegoers can’t miss the “National Cinema Museum” which has plenty of projections to offer.

National Cinema Museum - Turin
Photo by @gretabiliotti via Instagram

It’s really a unique place!

14. Visit Torre Torino.

torre torino in Turin
Photo by @the_rnr_saint via Instagram

One of the best things about this museum is located inside the “Mole Antonelliana” tower. With your ticket in hand just climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the beautiful views.

15. Try all the chocolate you can.

Turin chocolate
Photo by @pernigotti_1860 via Instagram

Turin is also famous for chocolate and there is even a card called ChocoPass that lets you try different chocolate creations in the pastry shops of the city. Although the best-known producers are Ferrero, Caffarel and Stregli you can’t miss trying the artisan chocolate bars.

16. Find out more about one of the most mysterious objects in the world, the Shroud Of Turin.

Shroud Of Turin
Photo by @paccioccio via Instagram

You will find it in the Cathedral.

17. The “Carignano Palace” houses the “National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento“.

Carignano Palace in Turin
Photo by @iladevito via Instagram

It’s the largest museum about the unification of Italy. It’s an essential visit to understand the country as it is today.

18. Did you know that the Martini brand is from Turin? You can’t find a better place to have a try of this drink!

martini in turin
Photo by @elizabethtjones via Instagram

19. Walk through the Grand Balôn market. 

Grand Balon market
Photo by @ideiaitalia via Instagram

If you are in Turin during the second Sunday of the month, you can’t miss the Grand Balôn which is an antique market where you can find books, glasses, vintage cameras, furniture…

20. Do you like souvenirs? Buy some candies in Pastiglie Leone, one of the oldest sweet shops in Turin.

Turin sweets
Photo by @thankuforthecookies via Instagram

21. Travel back in time through the shop windows of Via Po

via po in turin
Photo by @bogdanvezeteu via Instagram

Old libraries are mixed with the latest trends.

22. Delve into what was the first Fiat factory, the Lingotto building.

 lingotto building in turin
Photo by @sabriccio via Instagram

After the factory closed in the 80s, the space has been reused to house exhibitions, concert halls and restaurants…

23. To see Turin from above, go up to the Basilica of Superga.

Basilica of Superga in Turin

It’s 650 meters above sea level!

24. In case you get tired of walking, you can always ride the tram line 7.

Turin tram

The journey is short but it’s worth to to see the inside of their old cars.

25. Book one of your nights to experience a lively night out in Murazzi, a district that stretches along one of the banks of the Po.

murazzi in Turin
Photo by @lucafrancescoalberti via Instagram

Our favorite bars are Big Mama and Disco Club Chalet.

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