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Australia the home to the koala, kangaroo and duck-billed platypus is known as the "island continent" surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Due its vast size this country has a varied landscape ranging from the outback desert forming a major part of the land to the tropical rainforests along the coastlines. There is no dearth of wildlife in this continent with over 750 different species of reptiles. This country is best known for its Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House. Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia have flights to Australia from major destinations the world over. Flying into this country you will most probably land at one of the international airports of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth.

Canberra the Australian capital is one of the world's most secure, clean, beautiful and hospitable cities. It is one of the country's oldest and seat to all branches of the Government. The most amazing fact about this city is that it is laid out around a large manmade lake that was filled in 1964. Canberra is also host to numerous events like the National Folk Festival and the Balloon festival. The coastal city of Sydney attracts millions of tourists every year for its fun-filled beaches, Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. One of the most cosmopolitan of cities, it has also become the playground for various Hollywood stars. And make sure you have the Sydney Harbour, Bondi Beach, Australian wildlife and the Gold Coast on your target list.

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