Flying with pets

How to book a plane ticket for your pet

Whether you're moving to a new country, going to a dog show, or taking your pet on holiday, airlines all have special rules for booking an animal on a flight. Check out this page to learn about which pets you can travel with, the fees for pet travel and all you need to know about flying with your animal companion. Flying with pets has never been easier!

Which airlines fly dogs and other animals?

Aer Lingus

Cats, dogs and rabbits can travel between Ireland and Britain (but not to Jersey or Rennes). Pets must be booked through a freight forwarder and will travel in the hold for a €40 fee. The airline also carries cats and dogs to North America (except for certain cities) for a fee of €160. Assistance dogs can travel in the cabin for free.

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Air Europa

Most domestic pets including fish and reptiles can travel either in the cabin or the hold, depending on their size and type (maximum size for a cabin carrier is 55cm x 35cm x 25cm and 8kg). Prices start at €9 for taking a pet in the cabin, and €20 for taking a pet in the hold. These prices increase depending on the destination, and go up to €250 for taking a pet in the hold on a long haul flight.

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Alaska Airlines

Pets can travel In the cargo hold or cabin if space is available. Only cats and dogs can travel to Hawaii. At certain times of the year, pets cannot travel in the hold on some flights. The fee is $100 (€84) for taking the pet in the hold and in the cabin. Service animals can travel for free in the cabin.

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American Airlines

Pets can travel to most destinations in the hold or in the cabin (depending on size). Cabin carriers must be 48cm x 33cm x 22.5cm or smaller. Certain aircraft and destinations won't accept pets. Within and between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, the fee is $125 (€105) per kennel.

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Blue Panorama

Dogs, cats and ferrets up to 10kg (including the carrier box) can travel in cabin only, maximum one pet per passenger and two pets per flight. Cabin carriers must be 46cm x 31cm x 25cm cm or smaller. The fee is $12 (€10) per kg to $20 (€17) per kg depending on the destination.

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British Airways

Assistance dogs travel for free in the cabin, and all other pets travel in the hold (except on certain flights where pets up to 6kg can travel in the cabin). Pets traveling on British Airways must be booked through IAG World Cargo.

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Dogs, cats and household birds can travel in the cabin for a fee of $75 (€63) to $200 (€168), depending on the destination. For some international destinations, pets must travel in the hold (booked through Delta Cargo), and Delta will not accept warm-blooded pets in the hold for flights longer than 12 hours.

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Animals are not allowed, except for recognized registered guide and assistance dogs.

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Dogs and cats can travel in a watertight, closed, breathable bag (not a hard container) no bigger than 40cm x 40cm x 25.5cm and weigh no more than 8kg. Pets cannot travel to the UK or Ireland. The fee is $60 (€50). Assistance dogs travel for free.

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Pets can travel to most destinations, and jetBlue's service JetPaws sells carriers and pet travel kits. Cabin carriers must not exceed 43cm x 31.5cm x 21.5cm and 20 pounds including the animal. They charge $125 (€105) each way.

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Cats and dogs can travel in the cabin on most flights as long as the cabin carrier is 46cm x 28cm x 24cm or smaller and does not exceed 8kg including the animal. Larger pets or multiple pets can travel as checked baggage or cargo. Fees range from €30 to €200, with an additional €150 on top of that if the pet is being carried as check-in baggage.

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Pets cannot travel on Ryanair flights except for guide and assistance dogs on certain routes.

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Small pets can travel in the cabin on domestic flights only. Cabin carriers must be a maximum of 47cm x 21.5cm x 34cm. The pet counts as your carry-on or personal item and the fee is $95 (€80). Pets are not allowed to travel in-cabin on international flights.

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Spirit Airlines

Small cats, dogs, and household birds can travel to most destinations within the US, in the cabin. Maximum dimensions of the carrier are 45cm x 35cm x 22xcm and up to 40 pounds including the animal. Maximum of one pet carrier per person (can contain two small animals), and four carriers per flight.The fee for pets is $110 (€93) per pet container, each way.

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Pets can travel to most destinations in the cabin or the hold for €45 or €70, respectively. Cabin carriers must be 40cm x 30cm x 24cm or smaller, and up to 10kg (including the carrying bag). Travel carriers for going in the hold can be up to 102cm x 69cm x 76cm in size.

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United Airlines

Small dogs, cats, rabbits and birds can travel in the cabin within the US for $125 (€105). Dogs and cats can also travel in the hold. Maximum carrier dimensions are 44cm x 30cm x 19cm in the cabin and a maximum of 76cm tall in the hold.

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Virgin Atlantic

Cats and dogs can travel in the hold only on most routes (assistance dogs may travel in the cabin). The minimum size cage accepted is 71cm x 52cm x 54cm

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Wizz Air

Pets cannot travel, except for guide and assistance dogs on certain routes.

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How to prepare for a flight with your animal

How do I fly with a dog?

When you book your flight online, check if the airline accommodates pet travel for your flight route. Different airlines have different rules. Dogs may be allowed in the cabin or may have to be put in the hold.

What are the main rules for travelling with pets?

Pets must remain in their cages. It is generally required that they are calm, quiet, and don't smell.

Do emotional support animals fly free?

Most airlines allow official support animals to travel with you in the cabin for free.

Where do animals go on a plane?

On some airlines you can bring a small pet into the cabin in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. However, larger animals must travel in a cage in the cargo hold.

What temperature is the airline cargo hold for pets?

Cargo holds for pets are temperature controlled. Some may be as cold as 7°C (45°F), whilst others reach temperatures of 18°C (64°F).

What airlines will fly a large dog in the main cabin?

Dogs usually have to be in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you, so large dogs can't travel in the cabin except in special circumstances (such as assistance dogs).

What airline is the best for travelling with pets?

American Airlines and jetBlue both have special flying pet programmes on certain routes to make your pet's trip easy and comfortable. However, plenty more airlines will safely deliver your pet to their destination.

Can I travel with dogs internationally to Mexico, Canada or Europe?

Yes, but check with your airline to make sure it supports pets on international flights. You will need a vet to certify your pet's health. Pets are not allowed to travel inside the cabin on international flights to the UK.

Are dogs allowed in airports?

Most airports require that dogs stay in their carriers or cages when at the airport (except for support dogs). Some airports have dedicated dog relief areas.

Which cat and dog breeds can't fly?

Most airlines won't allow snub-nosed/brachycephalic dogs and cats that may have trouble breathing, or strong-jawed and bull breed dogs to fly on their airplanes, whether inside the cabin or in the hold.

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